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Your Love Life and The 7th Astrology House Explained

Updated: May 30

Ever wanted to know what astrology can tell you about your love life? You can find out by working out which planets are living in your astrology love house. Basically we are all born with a unique astrological blueprint for our life based on the date, time and place of our birth. It’s called a birth chart and in astrological terms this breaks your life up into 12 different sections (known as astrological houses). Each house corresponds to a different area of your life. For example the second house represents your wealth potential while the seventh house is all about your relationships. To understand the influences of each house an astrologer checks your chart to see which planets you have in there.

To find out what it all means I’ve compiled an interpretation guide below. If you don’t already know which planets are in your astrology house you can find out with your free birth chart here:

Once you know which planets are in your astrological love house simply read on for what it means:


This placement suggests you will have a lot of admiration for your partner but should be careful of over-idolizing them. Depending on the aspects it makes to other planets in your chart it can increase the potential of you ending up with someone that reminds you of your father. It’s a great indicator of a successful marriage but can also indicate a power imbalance in the relationship with one partner taking on the role of leader.


If your chart shows the Moon in your seventh house a deep emotional connection with your partner will be present. The Moon indicates strong emotional attachments that can be hard to break. If you do have the Moon in this house, it can be in your best interest to learn independence through remaining single for a while to avoid becoming too co-dependent in relationships. An emotional attachment is great but it helps to know you can stand on your own two feet if the relationship should ever fail.


Mercury governs out intellect and communication so with Mercury in this house you should have a fantastic mental rapport with whoever you choose to settle down with. Without strong intellectual stimulation from a partner you can get bored and go your own way. Just remember this placement can also increase the chance of arguments. It’s worth noting that once the words are out, you can’t take them back again.


This placement gives you fantastic chances of finding the right partner. Venus is the planet in charge of love so for her to take up residence in your astrological love house is a positive omen that suggests you seek and find romantic fulfilment. On the flip side it can suggest a tendency to fall in love with love and place to much importance on an initial attraction. Sometimes this placement indicates an increase in your finances comes through marriage.

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Mars is in charge of drive, action, passion and anger. It would indicate that your romantic relationships tend to be stormy but extremely passionate. At times it indicates your partner will work in a position of authority such as the defense or police force. Power struggles are increasingly common with this placement but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it work with a little give and take.


Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance so this is another favorable placement. It suggests good fortune when it comes to choosing the right partner and that through a committed relationship you can focus on becoming your best self. In other words your life partner will bring out the best in you. On the flip side Jupiter is also the planet of excess so it is possible that you will have multiple committed relationships throughout your life.


This placement can suggest that you will delay formal commitment until later in life and there is the potential for you to have a large age gap between yourself and your partner. Any relationships will be serious affairs and you will always want to do what’s right by your partner. At times it can indicate some kind of insecurity around relationships that you need to resolve for the relationship to be a success.


Uranus has a reputation for being a tiny bit crazy and unconventional. This would suggest that you tend to attract partners that are a little different to the norm and your relationship may cop flak from others for being a little bit whacky. That said, expect constant surprises and romantic adventures with this placement. Relationship boredom is one thing that would drive you to the divorce courts so take care to not fall into a rut.


Neptune is a spiritual and romantic planet that has a love for romance and isn’t too bothered by reality. It can indicate a tendency to view your relationships through rose colored glasses which can cause issues when your expectations don’t merge with reality. This placement adds a dreamy quality to any relationships and if you can ground yourself in some sort of reality it adds extra charm to any romantic partnerships.


Pluto is the planet of transformation but sometimes he needs to destroy the old to make way for the new. This placement suggests that through your relationships you become transformed as an individual. It’s probable that you will choose your partner based on the challenges that you need to overcome to be together and the relationship may be subject to incredible highs but also crashing lows. Pluto is a bit like a roller-coaster. It’s neither good nor bad but you can guarantee you are in for the ride of your life.

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It’s impossible for everyone to have a planet in every astrological house. This doesn’t mean you are going to miss out on love or never get married. It simply means that other areas of your life will take up a larger focus. For example you may still get married and live happily ever after but you might also have 10 children – as you can imagine, these children are going to take up a lot more room energetically than a happy relationship that potters along all on its own.

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