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Who is the Best Match for Virgo? Plus Does It Match My Personal Experience?

Updated: Mar 21


Ahhh yes. I confess. I am biased. I am a Virgo. So what does Astrology say and how has it matched my experience?

Aries – Aries is too fast and furious for the cautious Virgo. Aries is quite vocal when it comes to arguments and Virgo won’t like this at all. Also Virgo has to have a routine and Aries likes to fly by the seat of their pants at all times. I've never dated an Aries so I can't comment.

Taurus – Perfect Match! Both these signs belong to the Earth element and as a result are grounded, stable and reliable which is music to each other’s ears. These signs also value commitment and deep and meaningful conversations or nothing at all. I've dated two Taurus. One was my first love. The second I dated for almost three months. While neither relationship worked out we did value commitment and meaningful conversations.

Gemini –Virgo is too grounded for the flighty Gemini. Gemini is also a very flirty, social time and Virgo prefers to shun the limelight and stick with a close not group of friends. That said, both signs are ruled by Mercury so expect some witty exchanges between the two. I've never dated a Gemini so I can't comment.

Cancer – This can work as Cancer is a water sign and Earth and Water signs tend to complement each other. The main issue here is that Cancer is so sentimental and emotional. Virgo has emotions; just don’t expect to see them. I have dated a Cancer and the issue was that Cancer was WAY too emotional for me.

Leo – Virgo may find Leo too extroverted, loud and proud for their liking. The only way this will work is if Virgo is happy for Leo to always be in the spotlight. It could happen because Vigo prefers to be behind the scenes. I've never dated a Leo so I can't comment.

Virgo – As with all sign on sign matches, this one is hit or miss. The two have a natural bond and understanding of each other but may be too much alike to ever move the relationship past that of good mates. That said, some of the best couples around are sign on sign matches. I've dated like a zillion Virgos. I've found that September Virgos are too similar to me so we work better as friends. Great compatibility but too much the same to have rocking chemistry. August Virgos on the other hand? Loves of my life.

Libra – These two are very different. Libra is flirty, charming and sociable. Virgo is usually introverted, likes hanging out at home and not such a great flirt. Libra is usually too up in the air for the grounded Virgo. I've never dated a Libra so can't comment.

Scorpio – This is a positive match. Both signs have “still waters that run deep” and neither are too keen on putting their emotions on display. The trick here will be for the powerful Scorpio not to dominate the serving Virgo. I have dated a Scorpio. The compatibility was amazing but the chemistry was pretty luke-warm. Great guy though and one of my favorite exes. A real provider and protector.

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Sagittarius – Virgo belongs to the element of earth and Sagittarius is a Fire sign so it’s not usually a match made in heaven. Virgo may find Sagittarius too abrupt, too sociable and too talkative while Sagittarius may find Virgo dampens their natural enthusiasm for life. I actually married a Sagittarius and the talking is on point. Once I timed how long he could speak for without me acknowledging the conversation. Four hours and twenty two minutes;) Not even joking!

Capricorn – This is a solid union and marriage material. Both these signs believe in defining the terms and rules of the relationship and then they stick to it providing each other with the reliability and security each needs. I want to date a Capricorn so bad but I can't find one!

Aquarius – These two have a hard time understanding each other. Aquarius is just a little too different for Virgo to wrap their head around as a general rule and Virgo doesn’t always get Aquarius need for freedom either. I very briefly dated an Aquarius. I found him very, very, very strange. Hence why it was so brief.

Pisces – This relationship is naturally harmonic but could run into issues if Pisces doesn’t curb their emotional streak and if Virgo doesn’t make an effort to try and understand Pisces emotional responses. Oh dear. This match was .............one I do not have words for. I have never been so in love and I have also never had such a hard time trying to make something work. It ended in an absolute storm that took ages to recover from. The highs were high, the lows low and he absolutely had an emotional streak that was incredibly hard to deal with. Either soul mates or wound mates. There is no in-between with this match.

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