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Who is the Best Match For Taurus?

Updated: Mar 21

Taurus Love Guide

Taurus/Aries – This can be a challenging match for a number of reasons. Taurus has a slow and steady approach but Aries is fast and furious. Taurus is faithful and dependable. Aries is unpredictable and may have a different view of what “faithful” actually means as Aries always likes to explore boundaries. If this match plays to each other’s strengths, Taurus can assist to ground Aries while Aries can keep the spark alive in any relationship.

Taurus/Taurus – As with any sign on sign combination this is hit or miss. These two are very compatible however depending on other aspects of the couple’s chart they may be so similar that they end up more like brother and sister than lovers. I have seen so many successful relationships built on sign and sign relationships though so if both parties share the same sign of Taurus, it’s looking good. The main issue that is that they both have strong tempers so expect sparks to fly when they get angry!

Taurus/Gemini – This can get awkward, with Gemini talking too much for Taurus. Gemini doesn’t offer a ton of stability either as a general rule and this makes Taurus uneasy as Taurus craves stability. Gemini needs a certain amount of freedom and is unlikely to get it with Taurus who has a reputation for possessiveness and jealousy.

Taurus/Cancer – This is a nice match that suggests mutual understanding and empathy. Both these signs love to feel secure and they get this with each other. Also, both signs like to spend a fair chunk of their free time at home.

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Taurus/Leo – This match will work only if you play to each other’s strengths. When these signs come together you can expect huge arguments with both signs thinking they are in the right. Taurus may find Leo a bit too much of a drama queen and Leo may find Taurus a bit too boring.

Taurus/Virgo – This combination is considered one of the best in the Zodiac. Both signs belong to the element of Earth and are stable with the ability to build a future together. Taurus has the ability to see the big picture and Virgo sees the small details so they work well as a team.

Taurus/Libra – This match can work as Libra is one of the few signs that can play peacemaker to the Taurus temper. However, issues can arise as Libra has a reputation as being the flirtiest sign of the Zodiac which doesn’t sit well with Taurus who is prone to jealous tendencies.

Taurus/Scorpio – This is a pretty good match and a very powerful one. Both Taurus and Scorpio are real power horses of the Zodiac so when they get together there is nothing they can’t achieve.

Taurus/Sagittarius – This match has its issues based on Sag being a Fire sign and Taurus belonging to the Earth element. If you put enough Earth on a fire, it will eventually go out which can be the case with this match.

Taurus/Capricorn – This is a great match as both signs are steady and reliable. Capricorn is a rule maker and Taurus is usually happy to follow whatever relationship rules Capricorn insists on. Capricorn and Taurus are both relatively faithful signs and Capricorn is usually conservative and modest which keep Taurus’s jealous streak under wraps.

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