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Aries –This is a good match as they both belong to the element of Fire so they have a natural understanding of what makes each other tick. Sagittarius is usually pretty easy going and can calm the furious Aries down when issues arise.

Taurus – These two have different values, opinions and life directions. They will have a hard time understanding each other in the long run and steady Taurus will find it hard to keep up with the outgoing and lively Sagittarius.

Gemini – This is a good match. Both these signs are freedom lovers chasing a good time. They have a lot in common and loads to talk about. What starts as a mental connection soon gives way to more.

Cancer – Sagittarius does little to reassure Cancer that they are just as committed and faithful in the relationship as Cancer expects them to be. This can leave Cancer feeling a little insecure. Also Cancer will not give Sagittarius the freedom they crave without a struggle.

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Leo – This is a great match. They share the same element of Fire so have similar values and are headed in the same life direction. Sagittarius will let Leo have the spotlight and appreciate them all the more for it.

Virgo – You could expect some issues here as Virgo is usually quite introverted and Sagittarius outgoing, so expect clashes over everything from what to do on the weekend to how to communicate.

Libra – This is a happy match. Sagittarius is one of the few signs that can appreciate Libra’s flirty nature. Instead of feeling threatened or insecure about it, Sagittarius is more likely to find it a turn on.

Scorpio – These two are worlds away from each other. Scorpio is dark and brooding, Sagittarius is light and breezy. They have different styles and this could lead to issues in the long term.

Sagittarius – As with all sign on sign matches, this one is hit or miss. They have excellent compatibility and share the same vision but the familiarity may mean this relationship never gets off the ground.

Capricorn – These two can run into issues. Capricorn lives to work and may find Sagittarius doesn’t share the same liking for the daily grind.

Aquarius – These two complement each other. Sagittarius is turned on by Aquarius uniqueness. They both enjoy freedom and they both love to talk and exchange ideas. What starts off as a mental connection could lead to flames of the passion variety.

Pisces – Pisces won’t understand Sagittarius need for freedom, which may irritate Sagittarius who takes longer than most to form a committed relationship. Pisces will get sick of waiting and drift on to a more suitable partner.

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