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Who is the Best Match for Libra?


Aries – This one can work as Air and Fire signs tend to be naturally harmonic. Both these signs enjoy freedom and tend to be social and always on the move. They tend to head in similar life directions.

Taurus – Libra may be too flighty for the steady and reliable and Taurus. Also Libra is one of the flirtiest zodiac signs out there which can cause issues with Taurus who has a reputation for jealousy.

Gemini – Perfect Match! Both these signs are natural charmers who enjoy flirting, socializing and talking in equal order of importance. These two have a natural understanding of each other and the same views on commitment and fidelity.

Cancer – Not the best match. Libra is too flighty, too social and too flirty for Cancer who craves security and commitment above all else. Libra will bring all Cancer’s insecurities to the surface.

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Leo – This is another match that can work. Libra and Leo have great bedroom passion and this relationship can work outside of that area as well, providing that Leo manages to control their temper so that Libra’s sense of balance and harmony is not disturbed.

Virgo – These two are just so different. Virgo values reliability, punctuality and order while Libra lives in the clouds and see’s deadlines and times as irrelevant. The only thing this pairing has in common is that they both value peace and harmony.

Libra – As with all sign on sign matches, this one is hit or miss. These two have similar values and a natural understanding of what makes the other tick. The only issue is that sometimes they are too much alike to move the relationship past that of just good friends.

Scorpio – This match presents a few issues. One of the main problems will be Libra’s need to demonstrate affection and talk about feelings. Scorpio likes to keep their real feelings hidden and as a general rule are not so keen on talking just for talking sake.

Sagittarius – This is the most positive Air/Fire sign match. Both these signs are freedom loving but also crave love. They both love to talk and have no issues idling away the time with general chit chat. These two also have a natural passion in the bedroom.

Capricorn – This is an Earth/Air match and as much as Capricorn can appreciate Libra’s love of balance and harmony at the end of the day they have different values, habits and work ethic which can cause huge issues.

Aquarius – This is another perfect match. Libra and Aquarius share the same need for freedom but also enjoy being in a relationship. They have a lot to talk about, share a love of balance and are both very fair signs that are willing to compromise.

Pisces – This relationship has the potential for issues. One of the main ones is that Libra is so flirty and social it makes Pisces wonder how faithful Libra really is and considering Pisces is one of the most faithful zodiac signs, this presents a big issue.

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