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Who Is The Best Match For Leo?

Updated: Mar 21

Leo Love Guide

Aries – Perfect match! Both Fire signs you have a natural understanding of what makes the other tick. You also share the same love for fun and excitement and things will never be dull between you. The only issue will be when you have an argument, as one of you will always try to dominate the other to your way of thinking.

Taurus – Look out for arguments with this partnership, as both signs have a temper. Taurus is stable and ground, while Leo is fiery and passionate. All the drama of Leo often make Taurus confused and it can be hard for these signs to find common ground.

Gemini – its happy days for this couple. Leo is a fire sign and Gemini belongs to the element of Air so when you put them together you get flames of the passion variety. Leo appreciates Gemini’s wit and Gemini gets Leo’s sense of humor. These two are also both social so never a dull moment.

Cancer – There can be numerous issues with a relationship between this pair. Cancer likes to stay home, Leo likes to mingle, Cancer is rather quiet and avoids conflict, Leo is loud and charges head long into any argument. Cancer craves stability, Leo craves excitement.

Leo – As with all sign/sign matches, this one is hit or miss. On one hand you have the perfect compatibility, are in tune with each other and headed in the same direction. The issue is that sometimes (depending on the other planets of a couples chart) you are too much alike to take the relationship to the next level.

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Virgo – This can work in extreme cases but only if Virgo is happy for Leo to have all the spotlight. Virgo usually likes to be behind the scenes so it has potential but at the same time the loud and proud Leo can make the unobtrusive Virgo embarrassed by all the fanfare. And Virgo won’t tolerate any temper tantrums for the loin.

Libra – These two can work. Once again it’s an air/fire mix so expect lots of passion. Libra is usually willing to accommodate Leo’s quirks and they are both social so can expect a lot of fun together. Both these stars can be a flirt at times and this will only make them appreciate each other more.

Scorpio – The key word here is DANGER! These signs are the two most powerful of the zodiac so expect trouble. Any arguments between these two would have the effect of a nuclear explosion on the relationship with neither backing down from the fight. Different emotional responses as well, Leo puts it all out there but Scorpio always keeps real emotions hidden.

Sagittarius – A good match. Both are fire signs so they have that natural understanding of each other. Both signs are social and enjoy a good time. Definite marriage material.

Capricorn – This one can be tricky. Capricorn pays more attention to rules, routine and regulation than the fiery Leo and both have different expectations in a relationship. Different values. You could say that Capricorn lives to work but Leo works to live.

Aquarius – A nice match, although Leo may find Aquarius a bit on the quirky side. The big plus here is that both are generous and like to help the less fortunate so they have a lot in common.

Pisces – Leo is a fire sign and Pisces a water sign. Water puts fire out as a general rule. Also Leo doesn’t hold back on what they really think which can damage the emotionally vulnerable Pisces.

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