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Who is the Best Match for Aries?

Aries/Aries – You are both open books with loads of energy, passion and independence. Both of you crave excitement in a relationship and get it with each other. You are kindred spirits and as with all sign on sign matches are either hit or miss. You are either too much alike and drive each other crazy or this really is a match made in heaven.

Aries/Taurus – This partnership has some issues, but I’ll start with the positives – Taurus can ground Aries which is sometimes needed. Aries can move Taurus out of their rut and comfort zone and open them up to new experiences. The challenge is usually life directions, Taurus favours the slow and steady approach but Aries speeds past and dives head first into life, whatever that may bring. These guys are usually at different places in their life and it can cause friction, however sometimes you get what you need (or what’s best for you), not what you want and this can be the case with a Taurus/Aries relationship.

Aries/Gemini – Aries loves Gemini’s flirty personality and Gemini loves that Aries is so freedom loving. This is a meeting of the minds where Fire (Aries) and Air (Gemini) combine to make flames!

Aries/Cancer – Potential issues can arise here because Cancer spends too much time in their shell for the outgoing Aries. Cancer is very in tune with their emotions and sometimes Aries just doesn’t get it. Cancer is usually not as open as Aries and Aries cannot understand why. That said, Aries can bring Cancer out of their shell and Cancer can help Aries slow down and smell the roses.

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Aries/Leo – These two both love life and intend to live it to the fullest. They are kindred spirits but watch for arguments as both have tempers and it’s hard to pick who would come out on top.

Aries/Virgo – This can have challenges, both partners need to work to each other’s strengths to get this relationship up and running. Earth (Virgo) has a tendency to put out Fire (Aries). Aries may find Virgo too nit-picking for their liking and Virgo can easily be offended by Aries outspoken, hold nothing back approach. At the end of the day they really are opposites – but opposites can sometimes attract!

Aries/Libra – These two are likely to have a strong attraction although Aries will most likely want to be the boss, which may or may not be all right with the peace loving Libra. These two are a good match and Aries will appreciate Libra’s flirty nature.

Aries/Scorpio – Dark & Mysterious Vs. Bright & Sparky sums up this relationship. Scorpio is a deep thinker who tends to keep any real feelings hidden while Aries is honest (to the point it suits them) but forthright. The key issue is problems relating on an emotional level however these two can have a magnetic attraction with a passion that is difficult to shake.

Aries/Sagittarius – These signs should get along well with both being freedom loving adventurous spirits. They both try to look on the sunny side of life and have great compatibility, although sometimes they can be such great mates, which they forget to take the relationship to the next level.

Aries/Aquarius – These two are both rebels without a cause who are freedom loving and very individual. It’s a good match.

Aries/Pisces – These two appreciate each other but Aries can have issues trying to understand how Pisces always leads with the heart. These two are close in the Zodiac however, and often Pisces will have a lot of Aries living elsewhere in their chart which helps to combat the major differences.

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