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Who is the Best Match for an Aquarius?

Updated: Mar 11

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Capricorn – To put it bluntly Capricorn just doesn’t get Aquarius, and Aquarius will break rules just to prove they can which will irritate Capricorn to no end.

Sagittarius – These two complement each other. Sagittarius is turned on by Aquarius uniqueness. They both enjoy freedom and they both love to talk and exchange ideas. What starts off as a mental connection could lead to flames of the passion variety.

Scorpio – At the end of the day it’s likely that Scorpio just won’t “get” Aquarius who is the most unique and individual sign out there. Aquarius isn’t likely to enjoy the possessive attitude of Scorpio either.

Libra – This is another perfect match. Libra and Aquarius share the same need for freedom but also enjoy being in a relationship. They have a lot to talk about, share a love of balance and are both very fair signs that are willing to compromise.

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Virgo – These two have a hard time understanding each other. Aquarius is just a little too different for Virgo to wrap their head around as a general rule and Virgo doesn’t always get Aquarius need for freedom either.

Leo - A nice match, although Leo may find Aquarius a bit on the quirky side. The big plus here is that both are generous and like to help the less fortunate so they have a lot in common.

Cancer – these two have completely different values and needs. Aquarius needs freedom more than any other sign and Cancer needs to feel secure. Freedom and security rarely go hand in hand. The other issue is that Aquarius loves change and thrives on it, but Cancer (as long as they are happy where they are) wants things to stay the same.

Gemini – This is a positive match. Both signs have a good understanding of each other and a lot in common. They have a good mental rapport and are both social. Neither of these signs likes to get bogged down with emotional baggage so they suit each other.

Aquarius – All sign on sign matches are hit and miss. It depends on the other aspects of the chart. With sign on sign matches the couple is either too similar and fall in to a brother/sister relationship or they are a match made in heaven and have a lengthy and successful marriage.

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