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What Happens When You Pay A Professional To Write Your Resume?

It's probably time to take a closer look at why you should consider hiring a pro to fix your resume for you once and for all. We have already covered the fact that the resume is what gets you to the interview. For this reason your resume has to be the best it can be. In some cases you are competing with 150+ other applicants for a job so it would be a shame to miss out only because your resume wasn’t doing your job properly.

Now it’s true that not everybody needs a professionally written resume. Some individuals are able to DIY and do a fantastic job so if this is you and you are 100% confident that you have it under control – great job.

On the other hand if you aren’t 100% confident that your resume has what it takes to get you the job, it’s time to pay a pro.

This is an investment in your future. You can get a professionally written resume for $149. How much is a new job worth to you. Look at it this way:

What if you apply for a job that pays $50,000 a year but you miss out on the interview because your resume didn’t attract results? Bugger!

Now what if you paid $149 to get a professional to fix it up for you and as a result got the interview and subsequently – the job?

That’s a $49,900 profit for a $149 investment.

Getting professional help with your resume is a no-brainer. If your resume isn’t getting you the results you need, it’s time to go pro.

Need more examples? Here are 2 real life case studies of people I have written resumes for in the past:

Diana. Age 63. Administration Officer

Recently I worked with a client in her early sixties who was worried about returning to the workforce after time out as a Carer for her sick husband. She was worried that employers would think she was too old and despite sending out her resume, hadn't had a lot of success in getting interviews which reinforced her original fears.

Her resume was already good, but I worked closely with her to make it better, stripping back the older employment, targeting her professional profile and making sure her key skills and achievements were highlighted.

She had so many requests for interviews when she received her new resume, she had to do three in a row all in one day. She received multiple job offers and picked the one she was most excited about. She went from contacting me for a new resume, to a brand new job in less then a week.

Joshua, Age 36, Production Manager

Joshua had been made redundant and desperately needed a new job but his old resume wasn’t getting him many hits. He told me the last time he looked for a job he was unemployed for 3 months – despite applying for everything that was advertised AND driving around and physically handling his resume in at places.

After a review of his existing resume and a quick chat, I created a new resume from scratch.

He had so many phone calls for interviews after he sent it out that he literally set up a home office just to respond to the calls, schedule his interviews and keep track of all his offers. Two weeks after he started work, he called to tell me that his pay-packet had doubled anything he had previously made.

He jumped from a job that paid $38,000 to over $100,000.

PS: Want more information? You can view my current resume writing packages here:

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