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What Can You Outsource Today?

What Can You Outsource Today?

There is a misconception that outsourcing is just for business. Outsourcing can be a cost effective way to help you make money. Especially for work related tasks.

Let’s say you wanted to apply for 20 new jobs per week on the Seek website. It’s an easy job to fill in the application form and attach a pre-made resume and cover letter but it can be time consuming. Maybe you keep putting it off? This costs you money because if you stuck to your job search schedule, you would have a new job by now.

What if you could outsource this task to someone else for $10? Would that make it easier for you? Would you get you a new job faster?

If you answered yes I have a solution. Platforms such as Elance and Upwork connect freelancers to people that need a job done all across the world. $20 an hour might be the average wage where you live but because freelancers from across the globe can apply, you may find someone to do the same job for $5.

If filling in online job application forms isn’t your cup of tea, by all means outsource it to someone else.

If you are a small business owner the opportunities are limitless. I’ve outsourced a whole bunch of tasks. Here is a brief list to give you some idea:

· Transcription of audio content

· Ebook formatting

· Ebook cover creation

· Research

· Website tweaks

· Proof-reading documents

· Sourcing supplier lists

· Creating surveys

Your challenge this week is to think about what you can outsource. Write a list and then check out some of the online platforms to see if it’s possible to outsource the task.

PS: Remember to only focus only on activities that have the potential to make or save you money. You don’t want to burn a big hole in your pocket just because you can.

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