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Using Subliminal Programming To Get Your Next Job

This is something I’ve used before in the past and despite it being slightly woo-woo, I reckon it works. Download a career meditation track and listen to it once a day for the rest of the challenge.

Let me explain:

Basically you choose which area of your career you need help with. Some people really need help in their job interviews because they don’t have enough confidence. Other people want help asking for a pay rise and others want help dealing with a difficult co-worker or boss.

You know what you need right now.

Let’s say that you need help with confidence at job interviews. In this case you would search iTunes using keywords such as interview confidence or career confidence mediations. You could also add the word free and do a google search to see if there are any free ones getting around.

Next you would download this to your phone and decide on a time to listen to it. I like to set my alarm early, plug in the headphones and go back to sleep while listening to it and then get up at the normal time. You may decide to listen to it during your lunch break or before you go to bed.

The idea is that over time, the message gets imprinted on your subconscious and you end up more confident, get the promotion (whatever it was you downloaded).

I’ve used this technique for a whole bunch of stuff not just career related and I reckon it's gold!

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