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Tim Ferris Got Me Pregnant (Kinda)

I didn’t plan on having children. Not because I didn’t want them (I did) but because I knew there was no way in hell it was financially possible for me. My husband loved his job but only made a small wage from it and I worked 9-5 for not much more as an Employment Consultant. Having children meant I’d have to put any babies in childcare fulltime as soon as they were four months old which meant I’d get to spend hardly any time with them and would lose ¾ of my income on day care fees.

Baby Indy - Made possible thanks to picking up a copy of The Four Hour Work Week.

I don’t know what made me pick up the Four Hour Work Week. I wasn’t looking to work for only four hours so it was an unusual choice for me. I devoured the book within two days and had a total brain pop. I could start an online business, make money from my laptop and actually afford to have children! Previously I thought that online income was some kind of ‘get rich quick’ scam that never made any money. After all I knew absolutely no-one who had ever done such a thing and if it was possible – Why wasn’t everyone else doing it?

Tim Ferris made me believe and within a month of finishing the book I was pregnant (Ok, so technically my husband got me pregnant, but you see what I mean). I didn’t actually start my business until my baby was 4 months old (turns out babies are a LOT harder then they look) but through using Tim’s advice of an unbeatable guarantee and advertising with Adwords I was able to make money online as a Resume Writer within one week of setting up my site.

In my first year working part time while I cared for my baby I earned roughly $52,300 through working remotely via my laptop. Sure, it’s not a million bucks but it did replace my previous income as an Employment Consultant which was $49,000 working full time hours. I call that WINNING!

Anyway so the morale to the story is Tim Ferris got me pregnant and I am THRILLED about it (and you can totally have a baby and a business that makes money).

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