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The Only Goal Setting App You Need In 2022 - A Review of the Way Of Life App

The only goal setting and productivity app you need in 2022 is the Way of Life App. Here's how I use it, what I use it for and just how productive it's made me.

First of all what is it: The Way Of Life App is an app that I discovered through Tim Ferris (of course) from his book Tools of the Titans and it has changed my life. First of all it's super simple and I was able to set it up after downloading it from the Apple store with no fuss.

So how did I get started? I wrote down what my big goals are and then worked out an action I could take daily which would help me achieve them. For example, one of my goals is to do a four day canoe trip down the Mann River in April. To achieve that goal, I needed to find an organized tour that offered it, book the trip and save up to pay for it. To make those steps trackable, I simply added 'do one thing to take me closer to the Mann River trip each day' to my list on The Way of Life App.

Basically I write a list of daily steps which take me closer to my life goals and at the end of the night I check off (in the App) either Yes or No if I did it that day. The Way of Life App than displays graphs of how often I am meeting my daily targets. It also has the function to assign your goals to categories and will track each category to give you a snapshot of how well you are doing across the different areas of your life.

Above shows how often I am reaching my goal of spending less than 10 minutes of social media per day - as you can see, this particular goal of mine, needs work!

Here is what I track each day:

Do a full work day - I'm bad for zipping out of work to get my nails done, have a nap or for a bit of afternoon delight with my lover. So bad that one of my resolutions this year was to try and actually do a full days work.

Take one action to pay off tax bill - I have a tax bill with the ATO at the moment. This reminds me to send extra money across to my bill each day so I can get it paid off as quickly as possible. Even if it's just an extra $5 a day. It all adds up and saves me on interest.

Take one action towards a new car - I want a new car this year. Similar to my ATO bill, I move money into an account each day to fund this. Usually it's about $20 a day but if I can swing more, I do that too.

Take one action towards Mann River trip - Sometimes this is moving money over to a specific account to pay for it, other days it means working on my fitness, other days it means something as similar as writing my packing list for the trip out. The important thing is that I do one tiny step in that direction each day.

Meanwhile I'm doing much better at my uni goals - as you can see, I reach these 80% of the time.

Do one thing future Nicole will thank me for - This can be anything big or small. It basically serves as a motivator for me. Some days it's as simple as getting out of bed early and other days it may mean breaking up with someone when I know it's the right thing to do but I'm procrastinating on it.

One blog post - I try to write one blog post per day. Having the extra accountability of seeing my percentage tracker go up or down really helps me focus on getting this done.

To Do List Before Bed - I know my days run a lot smoother if I get down what I need to do on paper before bed. It's the last thing I do each night and it takes two minutes but makes a hell of a lot of difference to how easy or hard my following day is.

Less than 10 minutes on Facebook - Facebook is a massive time suck for me. I need it because my Netball Team and Pole Dancing Groups are hosted on it and it's where I get all my information regarding class schedules and game times but without restraint, I'll easily log on to check a game fixture and spend the next two hours aimlessly scrolling the feed.

No Ciggerates - I'm always on and off the smoking wagon. The note section in the Way of Life App allows me to enter notes about why I smoked on any particular day and makes it easier for me to avoid situations that may lead to a relapse in the future.

Reading each day is something I currently ace - achieving this goal 100% of the time since I started tracking it as you can above.

Sticking to Meal Plan - Similar to above. By tracking when I stuck to my meal plan for the day and when I 'fell off the wagon', I can avoid the triggering situations next time.

No Alcohol - As above. I try to limit my alcohol consumption (again for the health benefits) and the app lets me track my progress as well as see why I did drink when I do have one.

Cold Showers - I'm currently doing a 30 days of Cold Showers challenge for the supposed health benefits. The appl keeps me accountable.

Read - I try to read each day because I learn more than mindlessly scrolling Netflix and again, the app keeps me accountable.

15 Minutes Uni Study - Should I study more than 15 minutes per day for Uni. Absolutely. BUT finding the motivation to log on and actually sit down and do it is a different story. That's why I only have to study for 15 minutes to get a tick next to my goal. Most of the time, once I've actually started, I won't stop and I do way more than 15 minutes but if I had to study for an hour a day to get a tick, I'd never even log in to start with. 15 minutes is doable.

At time of writing, I'm meeting my daily goals 71% of the time which is up from 67% from last month. I can track my overall goals, break it down by category or look at each goal individually to see which ones I need to work on. You can see this in my graph that summarizes my overall success rate with all my goals below.

In summary, I love the Way of Life App. I'm extremely motivated to see that overall graph percentage continue to rise and it helps me achieve my small goals which in turn assist me to achieve my big goals.

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