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The Number One Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make With Google Adwords And How To Fix It

Let me be frank – I made my first $50,000 online solely as a result of Google Adwords. To cut a long story short I created my own freelance writing business from scratch with a clunky DIY website and $50 free advertising credit.

The fact that Adwords worked for my service was a sheer fluke. I was incredibly lucky not to burn a gigantic financial hole in my pocket.

You see there is one huge mistake that small business owners with small budgets make when it comes to Adwords and they don’t teach you this in Adwords training. In fact they teach you the exact opposite of what I’m about to tell you.

The number one mistake you can make with Adwords is to create A COMPELLING ADVERTISMENT THAT PEOPLE WANT TO CLICK ON. That’s right; all that stuff you learnt about incorporating elements of scarcity, creating compelling text, eliminating buyer risk and including specials and promotions in your text will send you on the fast track to financial ruin.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say I created a really nice text advertisement for my resume service. Maybe it say’s something like “Get Your Resume Here, Pay Nothing Until You Are Completely Satisfied, 100% Customer Satisfaction Rating”. Sounds like a great advertisement, people looking for a resume service are going to want to click on it. Now with Adwords Search Network you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement. Let’s say that it costs me $2 every time someone clicks on my advertisement.

Now imagine that John Smith wants a resume and he sees my advertisement. He clicks on it but when he lands on my sales page he realizes the resumes cost $149 and he has a budget of $100. He immediately clicks out and finds a cheaper service but in the meantime has just cost me $2 that I will never see again.

Now let’s say his wife Sally Smith is also looking for a resume service. She wants to sit down face to face with her consultant. She clicks on my advertisement and realizes when she lands on my sales page that I only offer a remote service via email and phone appointments. She clicks out, finds another resume service and costs me $2 that I have no way of getting back.

Now maybe my sales page could have converted both of them. Sally may have decided a face to face service wasn’t so important and John have decided that paying an extra $49 was worth it but my sales page would have had to work twice as hard to get the sale and there’s a good chance they would never have converted.

The thing is your advertisement needs to function like a good guard dog and keep the right people clicking and the wrong people from clicking.

Imagine instead that I created an advertisement that looked like this “$149 Professional Resume Service, Fast Turnaround, Phone and Email Appointments Only”. This keeps John from clicking because he knows he has a $100 budget. It also keeps Sally from clicking because she wants a face to face consultant. I’ve just saved $4 while still allowing people who are willing to pay $149 and have a phone appointment easy access to my sales page.

This advertisement lets the right people in and keeps the wrong people out. Once you have established profitability using the ‘Guard Dog’ model you can just tweaking your text to be more user friendly and see if you can still get a profitable return on investment but when you are just getting started you need to establish ROI while not burning a hole in your pocket.

Remember that it’s better to have no clicks and no customers than to have hundreds of clicks and no customers because the latter is going to cost you money you have no way to reclaim.

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