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The Marketing I've Used In My Business And How Many Customers Each One Got Me

Do you ever have so many marketing ideas that you don’t know where to start?

One minute you are told you need to be doing Webinars because that’s a guaranteed way to get customers, the next person tells you - the money is in strategy sessions and the next minute Periscope is the hottest marketing trend on the planet.

The cold hard truth is that not every marketing idea will work for every business (and I should know because I have two). Just because someone is killing it on You Tube doesn’t mean it will work for your product or service.

The important thing is that SOMETHING will work for you. Let me demonstrate what I mean with my own story. I run two online businesses. The first is an Astrology Site (because I LOVE astrology). The second is a freelance writing service (because before I became self-employed this was my day job).

I’ve tried loads of marketing on both of them and guess what? Totally different results. Let me show you.

The breakdown of my astrology marketing efforts looks a bit like this (results are estimates only):

· 40% of my customers came through Beta-Testing (I offered the first session free and then they paid to have more)

· 40% of my customer come through You Tube (I do monthly forecasts on there and link to my site)

· 10% of my customers come from Facebook

· 10% come from my email list

Meanwhile with my freelance service its split more like this:

· 40% of my customers come from Google AdWords Advertising

· 40% come from my mailing list

· 1% come from flyers

· 19 % come from word of mouth

But here’s the thing. I tried using Adwords for my astrology service and never got a single order despite it bringing in 40% of my customers (and 99% when I first launched the service) and I tried YouTube (responsible for about 40% of my astrology customers) for my resume business and haven’t had a single order.

Different strokes, different folks, baby!

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