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The Link Between Karma and Money

Pay Attention to Karma

I believe in Karma and here’s why.

Reason One: I once knew a dude that stole a generator from his work, sold it and never got caught. Eight years later he brought a new generator as back up for his electricity. It was stolen a week later. And his generator was worth five times the price of the one he stole.

Reason Two: The best night of my life occurred after I returned money to its owner. The owner had left her money in the ATM machine so when I came along, it was hanging out of it. I couldn’t see anyone and I waited a while but no one showed up. I wrote a post it note that said “Lost Something?” with my number on it. When she called she knew exactly what I was talking about and how much I’d found. I was able to reunite it with the owner. I had the most AMAZING night in the history of Amazing nights that night and swear it was the good karma coming back at me.

Reason Three: I once handed in a wallet I found at the shopping centre and never heard anything more about it until about nine months later. I got a Christmas card with money in it from the owner thanking me for handing it in. I’ve lost my wallet numerous times and it always comes back to me with the money still in it.

Your challenge this week is to write out a list of all the stuff that might bring karma of the unpleasant variety back at you. We want to counteract it. Maybe you don’t have any. When I really thought back to it, I once scammed my mum with the greatest tooth fairy scheme of all time.

What happened was I found out my mum kept all my teeth in a hidden box . Yea, it’s weird, but she kept them as mementos or something.

At this stage the going rate for teeth was $2 which was a big deal. When I found her secret stash, I stole one from the box and pretended I’d lost a tooth so I could get $2. This worked for about a week. Then she realized there was no way I lost 7 teeth in one week.

I’m pretty sure Karma came early with the smack I received for my troubles but you get the idea.

After you write your list, your challenge is to counteract the Karma in advance. It’s better to deal with this stuff straight up. Hopefully you can remember the dollar amounts involved.

The challenge is to do an act of good with the money amount you are worried might come back to bite you. Donate it to charity or something. If it’s a large amount, maybe you can work off the debt in good deeds instead. The intent and acknowledgement that you didn’t act the way you should have are the main things.

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