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The Link Between Health and Money

The Connection between Health and Income

This week’s challenge is important so pay attention. There is a correlation between your health and your income and I’m not just talking about in the long term.

If you don’t look after your health it’s a given that your quality of life and capacity to work will diminish with age. You need to look after yourself now so you can continue to make big bucks in the future.

Not to mention you want to avoid any unnecessary health costs or medications!

Being a turtle I understand how hard using the future as an example is to actually motivate me. Maybe it’s the same for you?

So what if I told you that by not making your health a priority now you are also sabotaging your income, now?

This is something I struggled with at the start of this year. I was so focused on increasing my income that I worked all the time and didn’t take time off to unwind. I was so busy working that I grabbed take out all the time. The funny thing was that during the time I worked so much, my business ran at a loss for the first time ever. How crazy is that?

When I was on the point of exhaustion and was sick for the third time in three months I had to admit that I needed to slow down and start looking after myself. I stopped working 6 days a week and went back to working 2.5. Guess what?

My income has increased and I’m only working a third of the hours.

Busy does not equal productivity.

Your challenge this week is to work out how to take better care of yourself right now.

You could go all out with gym memberships, a diet and whatever else health means to you. I prefer to start with something small and build it up from there. Maybe you need to schedule a checkup with the doctor or include 10 minutes of meditation every morning into your routine?

The choice is yours

Pick one to start with.

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