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The Least You Need To Know About Relationship Astrology

Updated: Mar 11

True relationship astrology is a bit like a relationship itself as in it is very complex and has both positive and negative aspects. Most people think that determining couple compatibility is as simple as matching the compatibility of a Virgo with a Scorpio or a Cancer with a Leo.

While sign on sign matching does tell us a little about the relationship we also need to consider the aspects a couples chart makes, astrological house placement and the compatibility of Sun, Mars, Moon, Mercury and Venus signs.

Because of the popularity of horoscopes, most people know their Sun sign but are not aware they also have Mars, Moon, Mercury and Venus Signs (and a bunch more but these are the main ones for love astrology).

For example your Mercury sign will tell you about your communication style, your Sun sign will focus on life direction, your Moon sign governs your emotions, Venus is in control of your love style and Mars is all about sexual compatibility. To correctly analyze a love match, these signs all need to be taken into consideration.

So for example if you have Mercury (Communication) in Scorpio and your partner has Mercury in Pisces this would be a favorable match and demonstrate that as a couple you are compatible with how you communicate.

Or if you had Mars (Sexual Style) in Virgo and your partner had Mars in Leo this would demonstrate this area has the potential for issues.

Of course you still need to take into account the aspects and house placements of your composite relationship chart for an in depth analysis, but sign on sign matching is a great first start.

Remember the following interpretations for planets: Sun- Life Direction, Moon- Emotional Responses, and Mercury – Communication, Mars – Sexual Compatibility, Venus – Love Style

(you don’t need to analyze Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto or Neptune at this point)

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