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The ‘If You Have Kids and Want To Save Money’ Challenge

The ‘If You Have Kids’ Challenge

Children are super expensive and unless you have oodles of time to make homemade baby food and knit jumpsuits, chances are you need another way to cut costs.

When I first had Indiana I tried a whole bunch of ways to save money. I even tried using cloth nappies but it just didn’t work for me. That’s ok. Saving money is always trial and error I reckon.

One of the biggest expenses with children is entertainment. I brought Indy a lot of toys and we visited every kids café in town but she always ended up bored.

Lately I’ve been focusing on cheap activities to do at home, with very little outlay.

Last week we made collages out of bark, leaves and everything else we could find in the garden by gluing them on to paper. We also went ‘bowling’ where I set up all Nebraska’s baby bottles as ten pins and we took turns rolling a ball down the hall to knock them over.

But the two best scores of this challenge was to find activities that were the perfect fit for my kids and didn’t cost anything extra.

First, I looked into my gym membership. I knew they had a crèche but I didn’t realize it was included as part of my membership.

Now, the kids go upstairs to crèche while I go to the gym. Indiana calls is ‘kindy gym’ and she loves going because she gets to play with all the other kids her age and they have heaps of toys.

The other activity I discovered was free ‘story time sessions’ every Thursday morning at the local library. They read three books to the kids and then teach them a craft activity they can take home. It’s so good.

Your challenge this week is to go a week without paying for any entertainment for your children.

Make a list of free activities you can do and find out what is free in your area.

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