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The Five Second Trick To Increase Referrals For Your Business

So simple, it should be a crime: Literally, this tip is super simple and all it requires is for you to add a PS link to one of your products or services to your email signatures.

This is what the automatically added PS looks like on my email at the moment:

PS: Want to rocket fuel your job search? Use this link to receive 50% off my 'Get The Job You Love' Boot-Camp. It's a job search program designed to get you the job you love within the next 30 days.

And this is the one I just added to my personal email:

PS: Want to change your life? Choose from small business, finance, life or career boot-camp and I'll send you 52 small challenges over a 12 month period designed to create the life of your dreams - one small step at a time - it's free. Register here

I have Gmail accounts and it’s super simple to set up, so just in case you didn’t know how, here are the steps:

1. Navigate to the settings tab in your email

2. Scroll down to email signature

3. Add in your PS

4. Click Save

5. Yay – now this will automatically send as a PS on every email you send

It's passive selling, Baby. You don't have to pay for it, think about it or do anything manually once you send it out, AND you get more orders for FREE.

Do it. Do it right now.

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