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Sun Aspects In The Astrological Birth Chart Interpretation Guide

Below you will find explanations for every aspects of the astrological birth chart sun placements. Read on to find out what your sun aspects say about you. Positive aspects relate to Trines and Sextiles and Negative aspects to Squares and Oppositions unless otherwise stated for the purpose of this interpretation.

The Sun Aspects in Astrology

Sun conjunct Moon

This aspect suggests strong intentions and the potential to be stubborn or close minded. You have enthusiasm and good concentration ability. You likely have good emotional responses and expression and instincts that are on target. This aspect adds extra energy and drive but suggests you need to be careful of becoming too self absorbed. You may be family orientated but are likely to be ambitious with success almost guaranteed. You are likely to be confident but may lack objectivity. One of your parents may have had an important influence on you.

Sun positive Moon

This aspect suggests increased energy available and that many opportunities come your way. You are likely to have good emotional balance and it’s indicated that you are both happy and healthy. You may be optimistic and have a good instinct. Your relationship with your parents is likely to be positive and other family relationships are favourable. Your romantic affairs are favoured with this aspect and family life may be a source of great joy. When it comes to work, you have confidence and people skills and this is a great placement for any work that involves the public.

Sun square Moon

This aspect indicates there may be some conflict between what your subconscious and your conscious want out of life. You may find it hard to feel satisfied and have a tendency towards self sabotage. There may have been arguments with one or both parents growing up or you may have been raised by a single parent. You may often feel restless and in need of constant change. This placement sometimes suggests relationship conflict and can indicate problems connecting with others on an emotional level.

Sun opposite Moon

This aspect indicates a restless and conflicted nature that may have issues surrounding the blending of desires and abilities. Your romantic relationships may be stressful and you may often feel torn between two opposing directions. There may be issues with decision making and you may be judgemental with hard to break habits. It may be difficult for you to feel contentment.

Sun conjunct Mercury

This aspect suggests you are mentally active with creative potential. You may have limited objectivity but have good business sense. You have a curious nature and this is a good aspect for educational pursuits. You could be restless and lack patience but you may have a talent for speaking or writing. There is a tendency towards being narrow-minded and stubborn with this aspect but it’s just as likely you are witty, talkative and humorous.

Sun conjunct Venus

This aspect indicates others find you appealing and affectionate. You may have creative talent or be arty in some way. You feel a need for romantic relationships and are popular with a love of people. This is considered a fortunate aspect that increases attractiveness and adds to charm and good fortune. You are likely to be calm, warm and gentle and this is considered a “guardian angel” placement when it comes to avoiding illness or accident. You may have a tendency to procrastinate but you have excellent earning potential and it’s likely you had a close relationship to one, if not both parents.

Sun conjunct Mars

This aspect ass energy, assertiveness and adventure to your personality. You may lead a more exciting life then most and have a competitive edge that likes to stir things up a bit. This is a good placement for any career involving mechanics, technology or the armed forces. It is also a good placement for sports and athletics. You are hardworking with leadership potential but may be rash or impatient. You likely recover from any illness quickly but should be careful of accidents or around fire. You are likely extraverted and should guard against becoming superficial. You may be hot tempered or attract argumentative partners.

Sun negative Mars

This aspect adds to high energy and sex drive. It suggests you may be easily angered and have little objectivity. You may not understand others feelings and come across as too strong or forceful. This aspect indicates ambition and success but you may suffer from high stress loads and be accident prone. You may be attracted to an aggressive, mean or violent partner and although you are action orientated you may sometimes be too bold or brash.

Sun positive Mars

This aspect indicates a well balanced individual who controls any temper and has lots of endurance. You are likely to be adventurous, confident and patient and any sexual experiences or experimentation are favoured. You are likely to be successful in your relationships and regardless of your sex, it’s likely you receive some sort of luck from males. When it comes to work you have excellent leadership potential and are honest, stable, organised, focused and hardworking. This placement favours career success and suggests you are self motivated with lots of energy.

Sun positive Jupiter

This aspect indicates good luck and success and suggests you are optimistic, adventurous and popular. You likely have a good approach to life in general but may be lazy at times. As a person, you may be happy and content, confident and self assured. It’s lilywhite you are honest and reliable with good health and a cheerful outlook. Money is favoured by this position and so is travel. This placement indicates you attract the right partner.

Sun conjunct Jupiter

This aspect suggests wealth and luxury and indicates you are protected from accidents or harm. You are likely to be optimistic, cheerful and happy and you expect the best out of life. You may be strong and healthy with good judgement. There is a potential for liver problems or weight gain with this aspect but this placement suggests a longer life then most.. This is a good placement for careers involving travel or sales as people like you. This placement indicates good luck comes through males in general and indicates you may be carefree with a great sense of humour.

Sun negative Jupiter

This aspect sometimes indicates a dominating and over optimistic attitude. It suggests you may have a tendency to exaggerate or be too self indulgent or reckless. Sometimes this placement indicates a gambling addiction or a shallow, superficial nature. Either way you are enthusiastic with good intentions and a kind and sympathetic nature. You are likely to have lots of charm and charisma but may expect too much from others. You should beware get rich quick schemes but will likely have lots of opportunities to travel. Sometimes people with this aspect suffer from liver problems.

Sun conjunct Saturn

This aspect suggest you are hardworking, conservative and wise with good judgement. You always do the right thing but may be too hard on yourself. You are organised and reserved and may be short on humour or depression prone. You may lack self confidence but are also persistent and introspective. When it comes to work you will eventually rise to the top and could end up in a position of authority. You are keen to take on extra work and have a cautious, common sense approach to problem solving. You are hard to fool when it comes to finances and may be thrifty and conservative with no interest in get rich quick schemes. One of your parents may have been particularly strict when you were growing up. Health wise you should up your calcium intake and you may be prone to arthritis or depression. Life gets easier for you as you get older.

Sun positive Saturn

This aspect suggests you are responsible, goal orientated, disciplined, mature and practical. You have good focus and concentration and are considered trustworthy and stable by most. This placement adds confidence and the ability to achieve success, although it will properly come later in life then most. You may be goal orientated with a great work ethic and a conservative, risk averse approach to situations. You make a good boss and have good character. This placement adds to good health overall.

Sun negative Saturn

Sometimes this aspect suggests an inferiority complex and indicates a restrained individual who may suffer from an excess of guilt but is likely to be both thrifty and disciplined. You may be fixed in your opinions, conservative and traditional but you have the ability to overcome obstacles and are a hard worker. You may have had a strict or absent parent and may have trouble in your love life. This placement sometimes indicates a tendency to attract strict, controlling partners. You feel the need to serve others and may be too self sacrificing. When it comes to health there may be issue or you may suffer from overwork and exhaustion.

Sun conjunct Uranus

This aspect adds originality and impulsiveness. You may come across as eccentric in some way and could be rebellious. You may have unusual hobbies or interests but are likely to lead a more exciting life than most. You value your freedom and have little time for tradition. There is not much patience for daily routine and you may be decisive and dynamic. You are likely to have an excess of talent in some area but will change careers more often than most. When it comes to love you may have trust issues to overcome or be attracted to people that are unable to commit or you may have commitment issues yourself. There may have been an up and down relationship with one of your parents.

Sun negative Uranus

This aspect adds independence and the potential for rebellion. It suggests powerful convictions and a person not able to compromise. You are likely experience orientated with an aversion to boredom and may be both proud and dramatic. You may have a lot of courage and take part in risky activities or you may enjoy controversy and make many radical changes to your life. You properly believe that rules are made to be broken, or at the least bent and may lack self discipline although this improves as you get older. It’s likely that you don’t function well in group situations and you may have trust issues. There may have been issues with one of your parents during childhood and you may be attracted to partners that are unable to commit or you may have commitment issues yourself.

Sun positive Uranus

This aspects suggests an excess of talent in some form and indicates a free spirit who is both original and independent. You may be considered eccentric in some way but have a good sense of adventure and good luck comes unexpectedly. You have the ability to achieve results and see things from all perspectives. You are likely to be flexible and adaptable with strong willpower. You make a good friend although you may have unconventional behaviour. You are ahead of the times and appear charming and popular. This placement indicates a happy marriage and is a good placement for anyone wanting to study astrology.

Sun conjunct Neptune

This placement suggests you have a n inspired, visionary perspective and may have a gentle and compassionate nature. You are sympathetic and sensitive and you live to make others happy. You may be prone to day dreaming or more gullible than most. It’s likely that you have a strong attraction to water but you may have a delicate constitution and low energy levels or have issues with stress. You may also be over sensitive to prescription drugs or medication and should be careful not to form any addiction to drug or alcohol. You try to avoid fighting and you try not to associate with aggressive individuals. This is a good position for anything involving astrology. You may lack confidence in some areas but have a great imagination and a gift for motivating others although you can be impractical or unrealistic at times. One of your parents may have been distant either emotionally or geographically or have had substance abuse issues. You should be careful not to attract deceptive partners or people with drug or alcohol issues.

Sun negative Neptune

This aspect suggests confusion or escapism. You may be dreamy with an oversupply of imagination. This aspect indicates a tendency to take the easy way out of situations that challenge you and indicates that although you have the potential to steer your life into an interesting direction, you may just wander around in circles instead. You should set clear goals. You may have a sensitivity to prescription medication and should avoid drugs and alcohol. You may have a weak self image and be stress or anxiety prone. When it comes to relationships you should be careful of partners with substance abuse issues and you may have problems in your relationships due to trouble with personal boundaries. One of your parents may have had drug or alcohol issues. You should be careful of getting caught up in scandals.

Sun positive Neptune

This aspect suggests you have a kind, compassionate nature and are well loved by many. It indicates a great imagination and suggests creative potential. You may not be bound by tradition and are likely to be inspired, patient and tolerant. You may receive good luck from males in general but can be lazy at times. This is a good placement for anything involving astrology. You produce excellent results when it comes to work but may have a hard time saying no.

Sun positive Pluto

This aspect increases physical strength and ability and adds to leadership potential. You are persevering with the ability to make positive changes and have great willpower and an intense nature. You may be powerful and confident as well as fair. You have good timing and this placement is great for anything involving research. You are hardworking and responsible and have the ability to overcome all obstacles. Others find you appealing.

Sun negative Pluto

This aspect adds obsessive tendencies and violence. Sometimes this placement indicates sexual deviance or traumatic losses. It indicates you can be manipulative but are also resourceful, powerful and relentless. You may be demanding, ruthless or secretive, critical or change resistant. At it’s best this aspect adds strong ambition and an intense nature that survives at all costs, at it’s worst it can indicate criminal activity, antisocial behaviours or place you at risk of violence or sexual abuse.

Sun conjunct Pluto

This placement adds charisma and extremes in behaviour. It suggests a strong sex drive. It suggests you have great will power but can be too dominating at times. It can indicate dramatic breaks from your past and may suggest control issues. You are likely to be extroverted with good leadership potential. You may be stubborn or possessive but are resourceful and a born survivor. There could be some sort of complex stemming from a relationship with one of your parents.

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