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SMall Ways To Make More Money This Week

When you need to increase your income in a hurry, the easiest way to do this is to focus on what is called the ‘low hanging fruit’. Low hanging fruit usually refers to the easiest way to earn income in a short amount of time.

So if we were talking about your employment with someone else it may mean asking for some overtime or extra shifts. In theory, taking on extra shifts with your current employer is probably an easier way to make money rather than getting a second job.

Usually the Low Hanging Fruit term usually relates to business. It can mean running a special or promotion, offering a complimentary product or service or approaching your current customers to see what you can create to sell to them.

For example the other day I offered a 48 hour special just to existing customers for a ‘designer resume upgrade’ which would put their current content into a different resume designer.

Your challenge this week is to write a list of ways you can increase your income using the ‘low hanging fruit’ idea.

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