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Set Some House Rules To Save Money

Set Some House Rules

This week the challenge is to set house rules. These will apply to electricity use but if you have little people, it could also apply to food usage.

Let’s tackle electricity first.

I am not about freezing your bum off because you don’t want to pay for heating. My nan does this every winter. She goes to bed early, rugs up with clothing and wears a beanie instead of getting a heater.

I’m not going to make you do that. I promise!

That said, there is a big difference between being comfortable and wasting power. My household is really bad at long showers.

The same goes for the TV. I’ve also caught my husband with the heating on when no one is home a few times too.

Our challenge this week is to set some house rules. Here is a version of mine. Feel free to tweak it to suit your needs:

· Turn the lights off when you aren’t in the room

· Turn the TV off if you are not watching it

· Turn the heating/cooling off if you are leaving the house

· Shower until you are clean, don’t sit in there and soak

· Snacks are for kindy only

You may notice I threw in the part about snacks are for kindy only. That’s because snacks are the most expensive part of our shop and given the choice – the only thing my 3 year old will eat.

I didn’t go crazy with the electricity rules. I’m a turtle and for me it’s slow and steady or it doesn’t happen. Once I get these rules in place, then I can add more. I don’t want my family quitting before we start.

I would love to see you in our super group so come on over and share your house rules with us.

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