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SCORPIO Compatibility Guide

Updated: Mar 11


Aries – This one can be tricky but should be at the very least, a passionate engagement. Basically, Aries is a Fire sign and Scorpio belongs to the element of water. Water puts fire out. Scorpio will try their best to pin Aries down but Aries will crave escape.

Taurus – This is a favourable match as Taurus belongs to the element of Earth and earth and water signs complement each other. Both have a stubborn streak and a strong temper but they tend to head in the same life directions and share similar values and ideas.

Gemini – The main issue here is that Scorpio is not one for frivolous conversation while Gemini tends to live and breathe it. At the end of the day Scorpio may find Gemini too light-hearted and free for their mysterious and secretive nature.

Cancer – This relationship can work. To start with both signs belong to the element of water so they have a natural understanding and empathy towards each other. Scorpio is also considerate and understanding of Cancer’s feelings and provides a solid partnership that insecure Cancer can depend on.

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Leo- DANGER! These two have a natural attraction to each other as they are the two most powerful signs of the Zodiac. Passion is sure to abound but when these two clash, which is often, it packs all the punch of a nuclear explosion.

Virgo – These two can work as Earth and Water signs complement each other. They also have a lot of common ground. Virgo does not like to how their true emotions and neither does Scorpio. Also Virgo does little to aggravate Scorpio’s temper or possessive streak.

Libra – Libra is a little too social and too flirty for deep and powerful Scorpio. Scorpio can be obsessive about love interests and the flirty Libra will be sure to arouse the jealous streak.

Scorpio – As with all sign/sign matches, this one is hit or miss. These too may be too much alike to get the relationship of the ground. Also, with a powerful sign like Scorpio, you could expect any fights to be legendary.

Sagittarius – This match has potential for problems. Sagittarius has different ideas about what commitment means to Scorpio and for the committed Scorpio this will be a big deal that can’t be swept under the carpet.

Capricorn – This match has possibilities as both these signs are after a serious and committed relationship. Capricorn is a firm believer in traditional partnerships and will do little to arouse Scorpio’s temper.

Aquarius – At the end of the day it’s likely that Scorpio just won’t “get” Aquarius who is the most unique and individual sign out there. Aquarius isn’t likely to enjoy the possessive attitude of Scorpio either.

Pisces – Perfect Match! Pisces loves the reliability and commitment offered by Scorpio and Scorpio is happy to go out of their way to support Pisces. These two have a natural understanding and empathy towards each other.

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