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Sample Bags - Not Just For At The Show

It’s Sample Bag Time

Ok guys, it’s sample bag time and I’m not talking about the sample bags you get at the shows, although I suppose it’s a similar concept. Your challenge this week is to create a sample bag you can give to potential customers to further market your services.

You can choose from either a digital or physical sample bag. The choice is yours. Let’s cover the digital sample bags first.

What is a digital sample bag?

It’s a collection of freebies that can help your customer solve a problem. So for example if you were an employment consultant, you would create a digital download that might include:

  • · A collection of resume examples

  • · A resume achievement questionnaire

  • · A free copy of your job search tips eBook

Meanwhile if you decided to create a physical sample bag you might include:

  • · A fridge magnet with your contact details

  • · A pen with your name and phone number on it

  • · A brochure of your services

  • · A hardcopy of a resume achievement questionnaire

Depending on which method you choose you will want to follow this up by distributing it amongst potential customers.

For example if you chose to create a physical sample bag (again using the example of an Employment Consultant) – you might distribute these to interested parties at career expos or recruitment fairs.

If you chose to create a digital sample bag, you might create an ‘email opt in’ on your page so you can exchange the sample bag for a potential customers email address and email them the digital download.

The choices are limitless and will help you attract the right customers to your business.

Let's get started.

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