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Salt and Money?

Salt Your Worries Away

I do this every Sunday. Not just for money, for everything!

Your challenge this week is to salt your worries away.

Let me explain.

Every Sunday I run a bath and put about 1kg of salt in there. I prefer rock salt but if I don’t have any, I will also use plain cooking salt. I now buy it in bulk. In woo woo circles Salt is known to protect from harm and also erase problems.

So every Sunday, I have a Salt bath for about an hour. I also light two candles. I always light a green candle because green means money. I listen to gentle meditation music and I let the salt absorb all my disappointments from the last week. This includes any financial disappointments.

Maybe I overspent, wasted money or didn’t earn as much as I wanted. I let the salt absorb all the money worry so I can start fresh next week. As I said, I let the salt take all my problems, not just money related.

It’s your turn:

Run a tub full of salt and relax in there on a Sunday night. Imagine the salt absorbing all your disappointments and worries.

Now you can start with a clean money slate first thing Monday morning.

Try the challenge at least once. If you feel better for it, do it every week. If it doesn’t do it for you, keep working through the challenges until you find something that fits.

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