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Reduce Expenditure Challenge – Shopping Time

This challenge is about reducing our groceries spend. Let’s face it. Food is a huge expenditure. Especially if you have little people you need to cook for. The good news is that because we grocery shop more than once or twice a year it gives us the chance to save a lot of money with just a few little tweaks.

Your challenge this week is to read the grocery tips below and apply as many as possible to this week’s grocery shop. This is an ongoing challenge so you will try and apply these tips every week for the rest of the year. Let’s go:

Use the tiniest shopping trolley possible: The research is in and the bigger your shopping cart, the more you buy. Next time you do the weekly shop, downgrade to a shopping basket or one of the kid trolleys instead. It will really make you think about what goes in it.

Listen to running music through your headphones why you shop: Apparently the faster you move the less likely you are to buy things you don’t need. So pop your favorite work out mix on and power through those aisles.

Time your shop for certain times: Try Sunday afternoon an hour before the shop shuts. My supermarket always discounts things on my list at this time and it all adds up.

Buy items at the top or bottom of the shelf: Eye level items usually cost more, sometimes 3 to 4 times as much for the same brand. Always check the bottom and top brands first. It’s the easiest way to save money on your supermarket shop.

Weigh up the cost of your time: Work out your hourly rate of pay to make sure trips to a cheaper store are worth it. It’s cheaper for me to buy in town on the surface but by the time I add the $5 for fuel and the extra hour and a half travelling time, it’s not such a bargain.

Plan your meals in advance: One tip you should trial is to write a menu plan for the week and plan your shop around it. Don’t deviate from the list. Watch the savings add up.

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