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Not Getting Sales? You May Need A New Approach To Eliminating Buyer Risk

In 2012 when I set up my writing business from scratch with a clunky DIY website, no

testimonials, no idea how to write a sales page and really crappy graphics I still managed to convert the majority of visitors to my site into sales. I attribute this to one thing:

I completely and utterly eliminated all buyer risk for the customer.

My theory is backed up by the sheer number of people who contacted me and said something along the lines of “I picked you because you must be really good to offer that sort of guarantee”. To cut a long story short I waivered all payment for my services until the customer had received their resume and were 100% satisfied with it. This means the customer had nothing to lose. If they weren’t happy with my services they didn’t pay me.

Now I realize some of you are probably going to say I was completely loco to do this but the reality is that 90% of people are honest and I had no problem getting them to pay their invoice. Yes, about 10% of the customers simply vanished into thin air as soon as they received their resume but this cost was easily absorbed by increasing my prices to cover the dodgy 10%.

I had no issues getting people to pay an extra 10% for my services but had huge issues converting customers without the no risk guarantee.

In fact I only changed this guarantee when I was 10 months into my business and had enough testimonials from happy customers, sales experience and a revamped and much more professional looking site. I still get less leads without the no risk thing but since I can only handle a limited amount of clients each week this doesn’t matter because I can still fill my quota.

There are a few things you can do to protect yourself while eliminating the risk for the customer.

If you are sending files or documents you may be able to watermark or password protect the documents until payment is received.

You can also include terms and conditions such as a mandatory survey that customers must fill out if they want their payment waivered. This survey allows you to collect valuable feedback so you know what is and isn’t working and can start tweaking your results.

Another trick I picked up included never advertising the guarantee until customers actually landed on my sales page. For example most of my customers came through Google Adwords and there was a huge drop in dodgy customers when I stopped advertising the fact that they didn’t have to pay for their resume until they were happy with it. This ensured the people landing on my actual sales page were already semi-committed to paying me and not just looking for a free resume.

Of course you are probably going to switch business models eventually.

After a while customers that just drop off the face of the earth with no feedback start leaving a bad taste in your mouth whether the cost is covered or not. The other issue is the wrong person (or a competitor) can tie up all your time with fake resume requests and send you broke.

That said, without the no risk resume approach I would never have got my business idea off the ground so if you aren’t getting sales maybe try eliminating all risk for the customer and see if this turns things around. You can always introduce client contracts to cover vanishing customers or so you can sue anyone that sends you ‘fake’ orders. It’s pretty annoying to send them out all the time, but worth it for your own protection.

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