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How to Write Advertising That Converts (Unlimited Customers)

Have you selected your target audience?

Have you focused on your ideal customer?

Have you written your advertisement as though you were writing to just one individual?

Have you included any promotions or exclusive offers?

Have you included elements of scarcity?

Have you included prices or other information to weed out customers that are not likely to convert?

Does your advertisement meet Google’s criteria?

Have you tested at least two variations of your advertisement to see which performs better?

Have you used ad groups to group together products and services according to theme?

Have you made sure your landing page includes relevant content to your advertisement?

Do you understand why you should use the ‘Ad Preview’ tool to check if your advertisement is running?

Do you understand the advantages of increasing your quality score with Adwords?

Have you decided on your advertising goals?

My Top Tips for Writing Advertising That Converts

If you are already in business think of your favorite customer and let him/her guide you.

Write you advertising as if you were writing only to that person to help you target qualified leads.

It’s ok to write text that’s different from the industry norm. For example my advertising that is targeted as blue collar workers is more causal then my advertising targeted a white collar professionals

Include any promotions or exclusive offers in your advertising text.

If your sale ends soon make sure you mention it. Try and include elements of scarcity into your text – 50% off this week only

It can be strategic to add your price to the advertisement to weed out customers that are looking for a more discounted service.

Make sure your advertisement does not include excessive punctuation, calls to action or exaggerated claims as this will not meet Google’s approval process

Test at least two variations of your advertisement to see which performs better.

Use ad groups to clump similar products and services together according to theme. For example use a different ad group for kettles and toasters

Make sure your landing page includes keywords similar to your advertisement to improve your quality score.

Improving your quality score means you can pay less for the top position on Google Adwords saving you money (but only if these customers actually convert)

Make sure you decide on your advertising goals prior to writing your advertisement. Are you focused on increasing brand awareness, collecting email addresses of potential leads or direct sales?

How To Write Advertising That Converts (Limited Customers)

Have you focused on maximizing conversions instead of your quality ranking?

Have you brainstormed which customers you don’t want clicking on your advertisement?

Have you written your advertisement based on keeping these customers from clicking on your ad?

Have you included price to help weed out discount customers?

Have you accurately described your service so the customer already knows what to expect when they reach your landing page?

Have you done what you can to improve your quality score without compromising your conversion rate (increased page load speed, used the same keywords on your landing page?)

Have you ensured that your Advertisement fits the guidelines? (avoid excessive punctuation, CTA)

My Top Tips For Writing Advertising That Converts

Remember that Google won’t let you use excessive punctuation or calls to action in your advertising. This will get your add disproved.

Your quality score has a lot to do with using the same keywords on your landing page as in your search

A simple quality score fix involves ensuring your landing page loads quickly

Your advertisement needs to function like a good guard dog – letting the right people through while keeping the wrong people from clicking you advertisement.

Remember that even if you could convert some of the ‘wrong customers’ on your landing page, you still won’t get the same Return on Investment as you would on red hot leads.

It is vital that if you can only handle 20 customers per week you maximize your return on investment for these customers. Let’s say your landing page converts 30% of your red hot leads but only 10% of your ‘wrong customers’ and you have an advertising budget of $10 per day that you can meet with ‘hot’ customers.

If you don’t keep these ‘wrong customers’ from clicking on your ad you may be using your budget on customers that only convert at 10% when you could be increasing your rate by 20% just by keeping them out – making you more money for every $1 spent on Adwords.

How To Create An Effective Landing Page Checklist

Does your landing page include a picture that inspires trust if appropriate?

Are all photographs and pictures the right image resolution?

Does your landing page focus on the results your customer can expect to achieve?

Is your landing page easy to navigate?

Is your landing page fast to load?

Have you outlined the products or services you need to get the customers attention?

Have you included testimonials from other customers?

Have you asked the customer for an initial commitment?

Can you use scarcity to drive the sale?

Does your lading page include clear calls to action?

Does your website inspire trust?

Is your landing page exactly where the customer needs to be in order to make the sale?

My Best Tips For Creating An Effective Landing Page

If you are a freelancer or micro-business it can be strategic to include a photo of yourself rather than trying to project an image of a huge corporation. Real photos can help to build trust.

Ensure that all images are the right resolution. It looks more professional and ensures your customer views the product in its best possible light.

Make sure your landing page includes the results the customer can expect or what the product achieves. For example people buy resumes because they want the job, not because they want a resume. It’s better to focus on the outcome. “Get the job with a new resume” is a better line than “Get a new resume”.

Make sure your landing page is easy to navigate. I strongly recommend LeadPages to assist you to create your landing page. This one move saw my conversions sky rocket. The tabs at the top of my lead page assisted customers to navigate the page easily and effectively.

Make sure your landing page loads in time. I’m not the only one that clicks away from something if it’s taking too long. People are time poor. They want the solution to their problems right now.

If you have testimonials from other customers make sure to include them. If you don’t now is the time to send an email asking for feedback from your existing customers so you can get some.

Have you asked the customer for an initial commitment? For example I set up an information call with the customer prior to invoicing for payment. This builds trust and once the customer has committed to a 10 minute phone call they are more willing to put down payment.

Have you used the right landing page? Don’t use your home page as the URL. The less hoops or clicks it takes the customer to get to the payment cart the better. If your goal is to get email addresses make sure they are directed to an opt in page free from distractions. If your goal is to make a sale for a specific product direct them to the URL for that particular product. Don’t send someone looking for Pans to your sales page for Kettles!

Tracking Your Campaigns For Results Checklist

Have you worked out how many conversions you need for AdWords to be profitable for you?

Are you only making one change at a time so you can accurately check your results?

Have you avoided adding the tracking code to your header or footer?

Do you know how much each customer is worth for you over the lifetime of your business?

Have you considered call tracking software?

Have you considered more out ‘of the box’ methods to track phone conversions?

Are you aware of the 30 day limit on conversion tracking?

Do you understand the importance of tracking your conversions?

My Top Tips For Tracking Your Conversions on Adwords

Never assume you know where your traffic is coming from, always test the theory.

If you don’t want to set up call tracking software a simple work around for phone conversions is to ask the customer for their email address and shoot them an email to a page with valuable content on it, free stuff etc. As long as you have applied the tracking code to this page it will register as a conversion (providing your customer clicks through to begin with).

You need to work out how much a customer is worth to you over the lifetime of your business. For example about 30% of customers who contact me about my selection criteria services purchase a resume down the track. Around 80% of my resume customers also purchase a cover letter. Add in revisions to the resume next time they change jobs and the average customer is worth an extra $150 on average then the initial transaction.

Also take into account that your customers are likely to refer you to others which also increases their value.

Note that your conversions are only tracked for 30 days. Anything that occurs outside of this timeframe won’t be tracked.

Adwords Display Network Checklist:

Have you ensured profitability on the search network prior to trying the display network?

Do you understand the difference between the search and display networks?

Do you understand why you should use a visible URL on your display advertising?

Do you know what the best format (text, image etc) is usually for the display network?

Do you know you can use the builder to create display advertisement using Adwords templates?

Do you know which bidding strategy is best when using conversion tracking on display adverts?

Do you know the difference between CPC and CPM?

Do you understand the benefits of a placement performance report?

What are the most important aspects of a branding campaign?

Do you understand what will get your advertisement disqualified?

My Top Tips For Using the Display Network

Research has indicated that the display network is best for branding campaigns and that the search network is best for direct selling

If you are chasing conversions it’s a good idea to get your head around the search network prior to using the display network

You can individually target specific sites using the display network.

Text advertising usually works best because not all sites allow other formats such as images

Cost per Click is better to use for direct selling. Cost per impression is usually better for branding.

The two key aspects of branding are reach and frequency

Buyer behavior is different on the search and display networks.

Use the ad builder to create your advertising so you get it in the right format the first time.

If your product is visually orientated the Display Network may work well for you because it gives you the option of using visuals (Tie Dye Boots)

Placement reports can provide insights into how well your advertisement is doing per site

Your advertisement must meet Google requirements (can’t use strobe lighting etc)

You should visibly display your URL on your display advertisements.

Tracking Your Keywords on Adwords Checklist

Have you worked out which keywords are working for you?

Will bidding higher on these keywords result in a better ROI?

Do you know which devices are resulting in higher conversions?

Have you checked to see which times of the day are most profitable for you using dimensions?

Have you enabled search impression share data?

Have you checked to see if increasing your budget could provide you with more customers?

Have you checked to see if improving your quality score or increasing your bid increases customers?

My Top Tips For Analyzing Your Results

Make sure you enable search impression data so you can get an idea of if you are leaving money on the table. Check to see if certain devices are more likely to result in conversions for you.

Tweak your landing page to improve your quality score.

Poor click through rate usually results in a lower quality score (but always choose conversions over quality score). A high quality score will save you cents, a high conversion rating will save you dollars.

Do you understand which keywords are the most profitable for you? It may be worth bidding higher on these.

Scheduling Your Advertising So It Converts Checklist

Have you identified your key business hours?

What times do most of your emails/phone calls come in?

Are there any noticeable spikes on your advertising clicks at certain times?

What days of the week do most of your customers contact you?

Have you tested to see if you get a better conversion rating on some days over others?

Have you tested to see if you get a higher conversion rating at some times over others?

What time zones are most of your customers located in?

My Top Tips For Scheduling Your Advertising On Adwords

If your business model relies on the customer phoning you, it can be strategic to run advertising only during your office hours (always test first).

If you notice a lot of clicks but no conversions at certain times, it can be a good idea to avoid scheduling your advertisements during this period (always test first).

I have found that I get more buyers than lookers on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday still get clicks but not so many conversions. Your buyer behavior will be unique to your business.

I have found that I get more buyers then lookers between the hours of 9am-12pm. I still get conversions outside of these hours but not so many. Over time I have tweaked my campaigns to maximize conversion ratings by scheduling advertising around these days and times. Again your buyer behavior will be unique to your business.

Steps For Hiring An Adwords Manager Checklist

Do you understand when you should hire an Adwords Manager?

Do you understand the importance of a basic knowledge prior to hiring?

Do you understand what qualifications your Adwords Manager should have?

Do you know where to source an Adwords Manager from?

Do you understand the importance of knowing your target market prior to outsourcing this?

Have you interviewed the Manger as you would a new staff member?

Have you worked out how much higher your advertising has to convert to afford the Manager?

Have you checked the Adwords Manager reviews or recommendations?

My Top Tips For Hiring An Adwords Manager

You can do a search for qualified Adwords Managers through Google Partners.

You can also check out Upwork for Adwords Managers

You can google search Adwords agencies

Make sure you know how much the Adwords Manager has to make in order for you to profit from them

Ensure that your Adwords Manager is a Google Certified Adwords Expert (they have to pass two exams for this qualification). Make sure you check out reviews and recommendations from other business owners. Don’t outsource anything until you have a basic understanding of it.

Remember that while Adwords Experts are experts at the technical side of things, no one knows your target customer better then you. Make sure you have explained exactly who you are targeting to your manager.

Even once you hand over your account to an Adwords Manager you should still keep track of your statistics yourself. It’s your business. You need to know what’s going on.

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