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Minimalism as a Lifestyle

Minimalism as a Lifestyle

I’m a huge fan of minimalism in every way. I hate clutter. I go on a rampage every couple of months where my husband jokes that “nothing is safe.” I’m blessed that I don’t feel the need to accumulate stuff just for the sake of it (except books and angel card decks, but everyone has a vice).

Minimalism is about living with what you need, not with what you can. I want to acknowledge that I know it’s not for everyone.

There is no way either of my parents could be minimalists. Mum still has expired medication from 10 years ago in her medicine bag!

Your challenge this week is not to become a minimalist but to look at some small changes you can make to your life that aren’t too big a leap. Remember I’m a turtle, slow and steady change wins the race.

Want some ideas? Here is what I implemented in the last six months

House: We used to rent a huge house. It was gigantic and lovely. It had 4 bedrooms, a study, a rec room, dining room, kitchen, two bathrooms, two toilets, a studio and a sunroom. There are 4 of us. It was a nightmare to keep clean.

The cleaning was so bad that I didn’t want to get out of bed because I could not stand the thought of all the cleaning. It was a nightmare to heat or cool because it was so big. It had hedges and gardens that needed constant attention. The whole situation was nuts.

One day I was so overwhelmed by it I decided we had to move to a smaller house. We now live in a three bedroom, average sized house with no hedges. It is bliss. My stress levels dropped from a 10 to a 2. The best choice I made this year, hands down.

Car: We had two cars but my previous husband also has a company vehicle that he drives to and from work. One of the cars sat on the front lawn for three months without being used. It still cost money because I had to pay rego and insurance on it. We made the decision to sell it and neither of us has noticed that it’s missing since.

City: It used to take an hour to drop my daughter to her day care centre in the next suburb because of the traffic. A drive to get milk also took longer than it should have because of all the traffic lights. When we moved house we made the decision to move to a town 30 minutes from the city. My stress levels thank me for it.

I realize these are extreme examples so if all else fails just go through each room at a time and throw out stuff you don’t need.

Super simple.

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