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Meditate Your Way To More Money

Money Meditations

It’s time for a new challenge and this time, it’s easy. I’ve done this for a while now and since my income is increasing, maybe it has something to do with it. Then again, maybe not but the dates correlate so maybe.

Your action step for this week is to download a money meditation to your iPhone and listen to it every morning or night.

The one I’m using right now came from iTunes and is a 10 minute ‘increase your income’ meditation. I just set my alarm for 10 minutes earlier, plug in the earphones, press play and fall back asleep until it’s time to wake up. I’ve never stayed conscious for the whole ten minutes but it’s a dude talking me through why I deserve more money.

You could try and download a free one just by googling free money meditations or just buy one from ITunes. It’s your choice. This is an ongoing challenge so the plan is for you to listen to it every day, and not just for the rest of the week.

You decide which meditation to buy based on your current needs. Maybe you want to increase your money, save money or spend less? It’s up to you. Also don’t be afraid to switch it up a bit. Maybe listen get a new meditation each month if it suits?

Let’s recap this challenge:

Your challenge is to download a money meditation and listen to it every day

• You can do it last thing before bed, first thing in the morning or during your lunch break

• You can choose which money meditation to use

• You can choose from a short 10 minute version or go full steam and get a 1 hour hypnosis track to listen to

• This is an ongoing challenge so you need to commit for the rest of the year

See you in the next challenge

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