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Marketing Tip Of The Day - Use Fiverr To Try This Old School Advertising

Marketing Boot-Camp Challenge - Old Fashioned Marketing That Still Works

This tip is super simple but I know some of you (especially those of you who are online entrepreneurs) are going to groan about it. It seems way too simple to be effective but in my first week of my freelance writing business two of my orders came through this so there is a reason people do it.

Your challenge is to create some flyers and post them on your local noticeboards.

Now – before you say this won’t work for you, let me overcome some of your objections.

Objection number one: Most of my customers/clients are located internationally so there is no point me putting some flyers up.

Rebuttal: That’s why some genius invented Fiverr. There are hundreds of people on there willing to post your flyers up in their town, university, train station etc for $5. Problem solved – just work out which city/location/university your ideal customers hang out and pay someone $5 to do it for you.

Objection number two: I became an online entrepreneur so I didn’t have to leave the house or get out of my PJ’s.

Rebuttal: See answer to objection number one

Objection number three: That won’t work for my product or service.

Rebuttal: Good point. It might not work for you – but guess what? Unless you actually test it out, you are never going to know. It worked for me, it’s worked for Gardeners, Avon Sellers, Cleaners and Craft Suppliers. Unless you try, you won’t know.

Now remember we want to hear your stories so make sure you pop over to the Facebook group and let us know what you did and if it worked for you – and remember TRACK YOUR STATS.

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