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Looking For A New Job? You Need A Job Search Action Plan.

Introducing Your Job Search Action Plan

One word – accountability. The following challenge is designed to help you with your job search. I found my dream job in my early 20's by setting a job search plan and sticking to it.

This is your chance to do the same. Make sure you use all three methods as part of your approach.

Now answer the following questions as part of this week’s challenge to create your job action plan:

How many employers are you going to contact per week?

How many of these are going to be applying for an advertised position?

How many of these are going be cold calling? (unadvertised positions)

How many people are you going to ask for leads from per week (networking)?

Now get to it. Sounds simple, but aside from getting a professional resume sorted, this is the second best thing you can do for your job search.

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