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Is The Universe Is Testing Your Resolve To Change Your Money Habits?

Testing Your Resolve

One of the things you may notice that happens when you commit to changing your financial lifestyle is that a whole bunch of stuff will seem to happen to test how committed you are.

This especially crops up when it comes to a debt free lifestyle. I’ve told you before about my battles with the credit card. The first time I paid the balance to zero, I could not get the bank to cancel the account and it crept up again.

I recently got the balance back down to zero again but boy has my commitment to keep it there been tested.

First of all, it was run of the mill stuff like the fact that we were about to leave for holidays when we got a big power bill. I really didn’t want to use my savings to pay the bill because I had it earmarked for holidays and it was tempting to put it on the card, but I didn’t.

Then the car had a major mechanical fault and had to be towed to the nearest repair shop.

Again, tempting but I managed to restrain myself.

I thought that surely by now the universe would have quit testing me but no, last night I work up to discover that a reoccurring software subscription worth $600 had come out of my account. A software subscription I didn’t even use!

Consider the money put away for the holiday depleted. Now you all know how much I love holidays so it’s really tempting to use the credit card but instead I launched a new ‘designer resume’ service as part of my business structure to drum up some extra sales. I still have 10 days to holidays so fingers crossed I’ll be able to replace my income before we leave.

Anyway this brings me to your challenge for the week. I want you to write a list of past ways the universe has tested your resolve so you can be one step ahead this time around. This challenge has two parts.

Part one is to reflect back on ways you have been tested around money in the past (usually this happens when you are doing really well but suddenly get hit with unexpected bills).

Part two is to write down your commitment to yourself and why the change is important too you. This way next time the universe tests your resolve you can fire back with your reasons and not give in to temptation.

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