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Increase Your Income With FREELANCING


In this week’s challenge we are going to explore freelancing as a way to increase your income.

You may have already decided to do some version of Freelancing as part of our side business challenge in which case, carry on.

This week I’m talking about the type of freelancing where you don’t need your own website, ABN or business.

At the moment there are a number of online platforms that match people with freelance job opportunities. At the moment I use Upwork.

Here is how it works:

I want to hire someone to proof-read this eBook. I post my job on Upwork.

It says something like this:

“Wanted: Proof Reader to proof read 60,000 word eBook to Australia standards”.

People see my advertisement and send through a letter detailing their experience and how much they will charge. I choose from the applicants, email the file and they send it back. When the job is complete I send payment.

Easy peasy.

It’s easy to set up a profile on these sites. Remember to include a professional looking photo because it builds trust with potential hirers and will increase the amount of jobs you are awarded.

It’s free to sign up

Once you have your profile filled in, you can search the job listings and submit proposals.

One thing: These are worldwide platforms so you are competing with people everywhere. Due to living costs, it is often more profitable for people in India to make money on Upwork than someone living in the USA. This is because what you charge $50 for, someone in Nepal will do for $20.

Your challenge is to sign up for a free platform and apply for side jobs that interest you. If you start to get a following, you can choose to expand out to your own website where you can charge a premium for your services. I also use Airtasker for local errands ALL THE TIME.

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