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I Did An Experiment To See What My Online Photo's Said About Me...........And Here Are The Results.

Not sure which photo to use for social media, Tinder, your business website or your LinkedIn profile? I have the solution and there is zero guesswork involved. Here's my photo experiment (warning the results may surprise you).

These days everyone has an online presence and nine times out of ten that means you have a profile picture floating around the big, wide, web.

I know I have a profile picture on my email, my social media accounts and most importantly on LinkedIn.

Ever wondered what your profile pictures really say about you?

Enter Photofeeler.

Photofeeler takes the guesswork out of what your image says about you and actually tells you. And the results can be a little uhhh, different from what you may expect.

It's free to use (or you can upgrade to a paid version). Basically, how this works is you upload a bunch of profile pictures you are trying to choose between and users rate them on categories such as likeability, leadership and competency for career.

I can’t tell you how many times I have thought a business image was saying one thing about me, when really people thought completely different. This easily lets you choose the best picture for your Linked In profile, or your Tinder Profile, or your Facebook Account.

The results were VERY different to what I expected. Let's take a look:

First up: Business/Career Photos Ranked

These are the two photos that received the highest and lowest score of my experiment with career/business photos. I wasn't surprised this one came in first. It was done by a professional photographer so the result didn't surprise me. What did surprise me was how high a score I still managed to get with my clunky DIY job. At least now I know which photos to use on LinkedIn, my resume and on my business website. Note that the business scores are rated across how competent, likeable and influential the photo makes you look.

Highest Score - Business/Career Photo

Lowest Score - Business/Career Photo

Second: Social Media Profile Pictures Ranked

Social media profiles are ranked according to different criteria. The criteria is Confident, Authentic and Fun, which the research has shown is the optimum criteria people use to judge your social media pictures. I thought I looked way too much like a hippy in the winning photo so I was surprised to see it rank so highly. At least now I know what to use on my social media profiles.

Highest Score - Social Media Profiles

Lowest Score - Social Media Profiles

Third: Dating Profile Pictures Ranked

Honestly, of all the scores that surprised me the most, it was these results. Want to know what your tinder profile should look like? I guess it doesn't involve pink hair and a pumpkin dress! Again dating photos have different criteria. When people are looking at dating photos, they subconsciously choose based on how smart, trustworthy and attractive they few a person to be. Apparently my Halloween costume made me look well.........dumb! Meanwhile the hoody picture made me look smart, trustworthy and attractive. I'm a bit disappointed. I LOVED my Halloween photo and was super attached to it.

Highest Score - Online Dating Profile Picture

Lowest Score - Online Dating Profile Picture

So there you have it, folks. Take the guess work out of your online presence with Photofeeler.

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