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How To Save Money On Your Weekly Grocery Shop

Shopping Time

In preparation for our financial challenge it’s vital we know where our money is going. This challenge will take place over the next three weeks (or three grocery shops). Your challenge is to choose a different grocery store each week, buy the same stuff and see which supermarket is the cheapest.

My husband and I used to have this argument all the time. We lived out of town and our only store was Woolworths. My husband always believed that ALDI was the cheapest store so he would drive the 35 minutes into town to do the shopping. I maintained Woolworths was cheapest provided you brought the brands at the top or bottom of the shelf. Eye level brands can be three or four times the cost.

Eventually we had a competition. When you took the cost of the petrol my husband used driving to town, Woolworths was cheaper. It stopped the arguments but my husband still shops at ALDI when it’s his turn to do the shopping.

This challenge has two sections. In the second section of the challenge I want you to take a calculator with you for the three weeks and add up your purchases as you go. Check if the register gets the same total.

The reason is because I did an experiment between three stores. One advertised very low prices but when I added it up with the calculator the register was always $30 dearer than it should have been.

The other two stores were fine.

I don’t know if it was a deliberate ploy or sloppy work but I tried it on three occasions and it was always out. By the third strike I knew not to shop there even if their advertised prices were lower.

Let’s recap your challenge:

Write a grocery list and shop at three different stores over the next three weeks. Work out which one is the cheapest. Repeat this challenge every year. You will always know where to get the best price.

I know you can cut coupons, shop between stores or sift through catalogues each week and save even more. But as a Freelance Writer, time is money so this is the happy medium.

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