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How To Market Your Small Biz or Side Gig

Increase Your Income with a Side Gig

(Part 3)

The side gig challenge this week is to market your business. To help I have written a list of popular marketing options. Your challenge is to read through the list and choose the five you think would be most appropriate for your business and trial them.

Let’s go:

The Popular Ones

Flyers – Simple and to the point. This is where you print out using your own computer or pay a printing or flyer company flyers to advertise your services. You can pay to have them delivered to mail boxes or you can pin them to local noticeboards. It does work. It was one of the methods I used when I created my resume business and it brought about 10% of my orders.

Fiverr Gigswww.fiverr.com has loads of marketing gigs starting at $5 and is well worth checking out. People will do anything for you from making a promotional video to pinning 50 flyers to noticeboards at local train stations.

Outsource to Elance – Of course you can also outsource your marketing activities using www.Elance.com. For example if you needed someone to write a sales page for you or manage your social media marketing, this site allows you to post your job, screen suitable applicants and easily make payment.

Be Really Nice – It doesn’t hurt to be extra nice to customers, suppliers and the people you do business with. It could be as simple as a bonus video as part of a training series, a personal email thanking them for their business or just presenting in a friendly manner. Small gestures now can lead to sales later.

Offer Unbeatable Guarantees – This is an easy way to build trust with customers. When I first started resume writing I offered to write resumes and only accept payment once the resume had been received and the person was 100% happy with it. This made my service a no-brainer and helped me build my client list. Most people are honest and you always factor the dishonest ones into your pricing.

Ask for Referrals – Ask your customers to refer you to their families and friends. This can be as simple as sharing a tip list to your email contacts and asking them to share it with others, posting a sign in your office asking for referrals or sending an email asking customers if they know anyone your service could help.

Testimonial – Ask your customers to write a short testimonial if they were happy with your services that you can use on your website or your social media campaigns. Make sure you add it to your sales page and bonus points if they let you include a picture (to show they are real people).

Host Q& A Sessions on Facebook/Twitter – You can host question and answer sessions on social media channels where you set an hour aside with an ‘ask me anything’ session and encourage likers or followers to ask their burning questions. By providing free advice to can encourage people to engage with your paid services.

Add a Promo Video – Video is shown to convert higher than text so consider adding a sales video to your sales page or asking customers to film their testimonials so you can mash them all together into a promotional video.

Facebook – Set up a business Facebook page. Facebook isn’t what it used to be for free marketing and the reach business owners have has seriously declined over the past years but it’s still worth having to share content, engage with fans and run advertising campaigns from.

Pinterest – If you have a visual product Pinterest can help drive traffic to your site. Even if you have a service business, if you are any good at creating infographics you can still get some traffic going.

Twitter – Some small business owners do surprising well out of Twitter. I’m not a huge fan, but it does allow you to engage your followers in short and snappy conversations and promote your product or service.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn allows you to network with interested parties, create and participate in group discussions and it even has advertising functions (although I’m yet to put it’s advertising to the test).

Blog Posts – Blog posts work in a number of ways. By incorporating a blog onto your website it helps with your SEO because it shows your site is regularly updated. It helps to establish trust with your customers and it easy allows people to share your content so even more people visit your site

Guest Posting – Guest posting on other peoples blogs is another way to get traffic. If it’s a popular blog it gives you the chance to get in front of a large audience, many of whom may be curious about your service and visit your page.

Adwords – All my first customers came through Adwords. Basically you pick a keyword you know your customers are googling and then pay money for Google to list your advertisement. If someone clicks on it, google will transfer them to your sales page.

Other Options

· Facebook Advertising

· Billboards

· Radio Advertising

· Speaking Gigs

· Market Stalls

· Expos and Trade Shows

· Networking Events

· Udemy Courses

· Free Courses

· Use Leadpages

· Strategy Sessions

· Snail Mail

· Television

· Newspaper

· Gumtree/Craigs List

· Business Cards

· Car Signage

· Human Signs (check out Fiverr)

· Demonstrations

· Door to Door

· Chamber of Commerce

· Yellow Pages

· Cross Promote (with other business owners)

· Donate Prizes

· Use Scarcity

· Write Customer Love Letters

· Revise your sales letter

· Add personality to your marketing

· Polarize your audience

· Pay What You Want

· Flash Sales

· Beta Testers

· Check Speed of your website

· Hire A Coach

· Develop an App

· Giveaways

· Bumper Stickers

· Tshirts

· Christmas Cards

· Finder Fees

· Sponsorship (a team or sporting event)

· Postcards

· Sample Bags

· Email Marketing

· Vouchers & Discounts

· Personal Networking

· Affiliate Programs

· Direct Messages

· Flash Mobs

· Stunts

· Community Events

· Free Balloons (with your contact details on them)

· Book Marks


· Guest Forums

· Facebook Groups

· Self-Publishing

· Competitions

· Press Releases

· Website

· You Tube

· Podcasts

· Webinairs

· Email Signature

· Hara and SourceBottle

· Hubpages

· Testimonials

· Awards

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