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How to Get Professional Development For Your Resume For FREE

Is your resume lacking in the training or professional development sections? Do you need to address selection criteria that you don’t actually have experience or knowledge of?

The easiest ways to improve your resume or selection criteria is to get some extra education and training.

The problem is often the time and cost involved.

BUT, I’ve stumbled on super FREE ways to get the training you need.

So for example, let’s say you are looking for a job as a Retail Assistant. You have experience but no formal qualifications and a TAFE course is expensive. You feel that not having anything listed under Professional Development on your resume is letting you down.

Enter Udemy. Udemy provides courses in nearly everything you can think of some of it is free. Even better, you can work at your own pace, so if you need to submit that resume by Friday and it’s already Wednesday, you can log on and hustle through a customer service basics course in time to add it to your professional development resume section in time for Friday.

Usually the instructors post their course for free for a limited time to drum up free publicity so you can grab some really great information for nothing.

I’ve actually used Udemy myself when I’ve needed to learn something new for my business (like accounting fundamentals) and the course content is excellent. I also did some of their make-up courses as well when I wanted to try a new look for a wedding without the cost of a make-up artist.

Your other FREE option is to sign up for something like www.coursera.org which often lists free courses run by universities on various topics.

Yes, you can do Harvard subjects for nothing!

These courses are usually very well run, and most offer some kind of certificate on completion. Please note that most of the courses listed are not accredited, but you can still add them under the ‘professional development’ section of your resume and they get the job done as far as your knowledge is concerned.

There is a bunch of other free courses out there, but these are the two I’m personally familiar with. So next time you need an understanding of something in a hurry, or need to plump up your resume, head on over and get some of that FREE professional development training.

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