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How To Feng Shui Your House For More Money

Woo Woo Your House to Be a Money Magnet

Have you heard of Feng Shui? To cut a long and complicated story short, it’s moving objects around your home to create shifts in your life. Ok, it’s way more complex than that, but I’m here with the super simple version.

You can get whole books from the library on the topic which will explain it in greater detail. For the sake of this challenge, I will keep it super simple.

Your challenge is to Feng Shui your house for ultimate wealth potential.

Here are some tips to implement:

· Keep symbols of money in your dining room. Think real money, wealth symbols, foreign currency and paintings that symbolize wealth.

· Keep a fish bowl with two gold fish in it. Gold fish and water represent wealth so this should increase the cash in your wallet. Try and keep the bowl away from the bedroom, kitchen and toilet.

· Keep the toilet lid shut, especially if it’s in the wealth corner of your home. You don’t want your money getting flushed down the drain.

· While on the topic, make sure you fix any leaks and tap issues as soon as they happen.

This can have a negative effect on your finances as well.

A quick Google search will bring up a ton of information on this topic. One of the tips I have found really helpful is to coordinate moving day with your Chinese birth year auspicious dates. There isn’t room for me to go into it right here but last time we moved I had the luxury of deciding which date would be most beneficial and my finances have been on the upswing ever since.

PPS: If the information feels too overwhelming, go with your gut when deciding which Feng Shui tips to keep or discard.

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