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How To Create An Online COurse For Passive Income

E Course Creation

This week the challenge is to create an E-Course.

I know what you think. Stay with me.

Right now you think “Holy Cow, I cannot create an online course”. Provided you own a smart phone the answer is yes, you can.

In context, I have an online course that I sell on the UDEMY platform. I made the course with my iPhone and a set of light lamps that cost $30 on Ebay. And if you don’t want to spend that, just make sure you film in a room with loads of sunlight.

My course is about how I started my online business as a resume writer with a baby in tow. It makes around $70 a month. I know its small change. But I call this set and forget income because once I made the course and uploaded it, I didn’t have to do any more work.

If you are a seasoned course creator, there are loads of issues with the UDEMY platform. I don’t recommend it for you. The main issues are no access to your student list, the revenue split and the lack of promotion you can do for revenue streams outside of UDEMY.

BUT if making a bit of passive income on the side is your agenda, it can be a great platform.

UDEMY loves video content so it’s as easy as picking a subject you know well and filming 10-30 videos on your iPhone talking about it. It’s free to put your course up but you pay UDEMY a percentage for each sale.

There are some rules you will need to follow but this is a book about money management, not how to use UDEMY. The good news is UDEMY has a free course that will go through all that jazz with you.

Your challenge this week is to:

Pick a topic you know about (astrology, creative writing, car painting, how to paint an elephant) and brainstorm 10-30 sub categories which will be your videos.

Film the videos. Two minutes each is fine. I prefer it short and sweet but if you like to ramble, you can make them longer. Make sure the lighting is great. Direct sunlight is the bombdiggety.

Upload the videos onto UDEMY, fill in the details about your course, press publish.

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