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How Long Can You Go Without Spending $1?

How Long Can You Go Without Spending $1?

Oh, this could be tough but that’s why it’s a challenge right? Now we need to address a few points, because otherwise 90% of us will strike out before we get started.

The goal is to see how long you can go without spending a single dollar; down to the hour cause I don’t know that I can make a whole day. The idea is to start right now, make a note of the time and try to go as long as possible without spending money.

But, do not include any direct debits or bills in the challenge.

For example I have direct debits set up to take my childcare fees out of my bank, ditto for my insurance. These are necessary evils and don’t count. The same goes for things like medication and baby formula. You get the picture. If it’s an emergency item like an unexpected trip to the ER you get a free pass.

How long do you think you will go?

I estimate that I may make it till 5PM, I might even get 24 hours out of it. That said, I’m sure I’ll have caved and brought chocolate before too long.

Just to revise:

The challenge is to go as long as possible without spending any money.

Step One: Take note of the time and write it down

Step Two: Go as long as you can without spending money

Remember – direct debits and emergency items don’t count

Ready. Set. Go

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