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How I Saved $1500 on a Cruise and got a Free Upgrade

Reduce Expenditure Holidays

In this challenge we will write a list of all the ways we can save money on our next vacation. Next time we take holidays we will know exactly what to do to save our cash.

Let me tell you how I saved $1500 on a cruise and got a free upgrade.

We took our first cruise. It was 8 days around the South Pacific islands. Our main issue was our youngest child was only eight months old so he wasn’t allowed on the budget cruises.

This meant we had to cruise on the more expensive option. I had some reservations about paying such a price for my fare because even the interior (cheapest class) cabins were higher than I was comfortable with. Every afternoon I would log onto their site and check for the ‘flash deals’ I knew they sometimes had.

One day I logged on and caught a flash sale that made the rooms super cheap. The only problem was the sale was only for a normal room that slept two, not a family room that slept three. That’s when I realized it was $1500 cheaper to buy two double rooms next to each other instead of one family room. And the rooms that were on special were Ocean view which was a class up from the original room we were going to buy.

This was a brilliant move because it meant one parent could take time out in the other room whenever they needed space. Pretty handy when you have two children under 3 in one room.

When it comes to big ticket items, it is worth doing your research and checking for sales.

Even if you aren’t going on a cruise you can still save money. Go camping instead of staying in hotels. Even if you don’t like camping, once you have a family it’s usually more cost effective to rent a cabin in a caravan park over a hotel stay. This way you can cook and prepare your own meals instead of eating out.

We have a trip planned down the NSW coast next month and will stay in cabins the whole time. I didn’t have much time to save for this trip so my focus is on free activities. One of my favorite free activities is hiking. It’s tricky with kids but still a wonderful way to relax and unwind. And of course there is the beach.

The other way I’ve saved big on holidays was to buy a year pass for the theme parks. It was $40 more expensive than a single ticket but since we know we will go at least three times, it will be a saving in the long run.

Hopefully I’ve given you some ideas to work with.

Now onto your challenge:

Your challenge is to write a list of the ways you can save money on your next holiday. Keep it in a safe place so you can refer to it on your next holiday.

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