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Google Adwords Set Up Step By Step Checklist

Use this easy to follow guide to step up your Google Adwords account when you first start to run advertising so you don't burn through your budget.

1.Ensure you setup the correct currency and time zone as this cannot be changed later.

Remember if you change your Adwords password, it will affect all other Google products you use.

2. Target your location and language carefully. Although it can be tempting to target every location, you need to take into account that some locations may convert better than others. When you are just starting out it’s better to focus on one location at the time. (For example if you sell resumes and you know that most of your customers are based in Nebraska, you might want to focus on this location first to ensure it will be profitable for you).

3. It’s a good idea when you are starting out to select the manual bid option so you can decide how much each keyword is worth to you based on conversions.

4. Make sure you enter a daily budget that you can manage. I always start low until I know the conversion rate. You can easily change this later.

5. When you are writing your advertisement it’s a good idea to include anything that makes your service/product stand out. Include promotions and specials and direct your text at your targeted audience.

6. You can also use your advertising text to weed out unsuitable leads. For example with my resume service I only offer phone and email appointments, never face to face consults so I always include this in my advertising to weed out people who want face to face service clicking on my advertisement and costing me money.

7. It can be strategic to include your price in the text as this weeds out any customers who are not willing to pay the price on offer. Unless you think you can change their mind with your landing page.

8. Excessive punctuation, exaggerated claims and some calls to action like ‘click here’ can cause you advertisement to be disproved.

9. Your display URL needs to direct to a website, it won’t be approved for third party applications like leadpages unless these are integrated on your site.

10. Make sure the URL you choose to direct customers to is a highly targeted landing page with content relevant to your keywords. This improves your quality score (and means you pay less to show your advertisement). Remember that it’s your landing page that gets the customer to take action and actually convert the sale.

11. Choose your keywords carefully. We will cover keywords in depth in a later module but make sure you use terms that will bring in buyers, not lookers (unless your goal is brand awareness). For example with the resume service I target words such as resume service and resume writer instead of resume help or how to write a resume as this ensures my advertisement is shown to people looking to purchase my services as opposed to people looking for an article that helps them do the job themselves.

12. The exception is if you can get these keywords at a really low price as some of these customers may still convert. In general it’s best to target your keywords at customers already looking to buy.

13. Manually set the price you are willing to pay per click. For example keywords such as resume service are more likely to convert for me so I’ll pay more for these as opposed to resume examples which would indicate a looker instead of a buyer.

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