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Expenditure Reduction Challenge Part One

Reduce Expenditure (Part 1)

Today’s challenge is all about reduction.

I don’t know about you but I don’t handle restriction well. Take diets for example. They don’t work for me because I go in all hard core only to fall off the wagon a month later and binge on chocolate like never before. Instead the best way to make changes to my diet is to do it one small tweak at a time. I swapped my chicken roll for grilled salmon two days a week. It was a small change, but it’s one I’ve been able to keep.

We want do the same thing with our finances this week so for that reason we are going to pick one expense at a time.

This week your challenge is INSURANCE. It could be Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Car Insurance, Income Protection Insurance, Pet Insurance.

Write a list of your insurance and get on the phone to negotiate a better deal with your current provider. Or get a quote from the competition to reduce your premiums. Easy Peasy.

I have a lot of insurance so this took all week.

Let’s recap your challenge:

Your challenge is to reduce your insurance premiums

Step One: Write out a list of all the insurance you have

Step Two: Get a quote from the competition and see if it will save you money

Step Three - Ring each provider and ask for a discount or better deal

Step Three – Switch providers if needed

Step Four – Pop on over to the Facebook Group and let us know how much you saved

Important Note: Insurance can be a tricky business so make sure you read the fine print and that by reducing your premium you haven’t missed out on something important. I could have reduced the premium on my contents insurance by 20% if I declined flood protection but since we live in a flood zone, I really needed to keep it.

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