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Everything You Need To Know About The Virgo Star Sign


Virgo Sun

This placement suggests an individual not too concerned with career advancement although they love to work. They need independence in a relationship and when it comes to spending can save or buy impulsively but have a good earning potential to cover the difference. They see things clearly and are organised and dutiful. Others see them as cool, calm and collected and they are happiest when everything is perfect.

They may be calm on the outside but suffer from some sort of nervous tension that they hide from their partner. They are prone to thinking too much but on a quest to find the perfect partner. They find faults in others and themselves easily and can be a nag in relationships although they can also be funny and engaging.

They have higher levels of guilt and fault finding then average and are quick to attribute blame if the relationship goes wrong. This can trigger insomnia as they take relationship break downs harder than most.

Virgo Moon

These people tend to try and figure things out for themselves in a relationship and can appear quiet and reserved, intelligent and practical. They get emotional satisfaction out of helping others and approach emotional problems by analysing them and applying logic. They are rational and practical and express emotions quietly, if at all. Emotional reactions tend to be intelligent (at least it appears this way to others, may be a different matter on the inside). They enjoy relationship routine and may lack self-confidence. There is a tendency towards repressing emotions with this placement and they may have difficulty in asserting themselves. People with this placement are sometimes fussy and hard to please.

Virgo Mercury

These people are smart but subtle, persistent but analytical and sharp and observant. Nothing escapes their notice and they can be critical. Often they are secret idealists with excellent communication skills but who secretly wish ‘knights in shining armor’ actually existed. They are be hard working, logical and organised and can reason their way into (or out of) any relationship.

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Virgo Venus

These people are affectionate, choosy and idealistic when it comes to matters of the heart. This placement sometimes suggests shyness and a great deal of people in this placement may choose to remain single. If they do choose a partner they will be expected to live up to high expectations. They make a caring and supportive partner but may have a tendency to nag or criticize their mate. They enjoy a good debate, are usually modest and may suffer from some form of inhabitation.

Mars in Virgo

Sometimes this placement indicates that a need to control situations may be an issue. This person may be restless and be prone to stress or nervous tension. They may feel tired often and can become a workaholic. Their mind is realistic and calculating and they can detach from situations emotionally. They likely turn their sex drive on and off depending on current circumstances.

Jupiter in Virgo

These people can be prone to burn out. They need to watch out for becoming a workaholic and have issues finding balance in their relationships as a result they can often appear hot and cold. They often over extend themselves which can cause issues in long term relationships. On the positive side career success is nearly guaranteed with this placement so they should always be able to provide for their families.

Saturn in Virgo

These people have a strong sense of duty towards others and may be overcritical with a worry over the small details. They have high standards and may be a perfectionist. It’s likely they have good concentration skills and the ability to make low and steady progress towards any joint relationship goals. They prefer relationship routine and are orderly and analytical. They may be demanding but have patience and like to follow the rules so unless other astrology aspects indicate otherwise, will stay faithful and always do right by their partner.

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