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Updated: May 13

Scorpio Sun

Scorpio can be both conservative and a risk taker depending on what is required. They are hardworking and can influence and motivate others. They have the potential to earn a good income and can be both focused and intense. They are good at keeping secrets from others and may be both passionate and jealous in relationships. Sometimes people with this placement are more prone to violence than other placements. They may be a big achiever with strong drive and are vibrant and live life to the fullest. When it comes to love they fall hard and will do whatever is needed to hold onto your relationship. Quality time is important and they have a good insight into others. They have strong willpower but can be arrogant or unforgiving. There may be issues with depression but they are loyal and resilient. They may be easily hurt but don’t like others to know what you are feeling.

Scorpio Moon

These people have passionate emotions and be possessive or jealous. They are wilful and intense and sometime people with this placement can be destructive. They try to keep any emotional responses hidden from others and don’t like to share concerns with others. They are prone to over reacting and can be moody, secretive or hard to understand. Other people see them as fascinating with a good sense of humor. They love deeply and are likely close to family and other loved ones. They may be quick to judge or suspicious of others and hold grudges.

Scorpio Mercury

These people may be critical and quick to judge others but are profound thinkers who are protective of the people they care about. They can be shrewd, jealous or vengeful with a resourceful and penetrating mind but may be prone to paranoia. They speak with purpose and their thoughts are likely to be intense.

Scorpio Venus:

People with this placement make a passionate and loyal lover with loads of charisma. They are kind and generous, proud and seductive. Their love life may be stormy but they will be devoted and sensitive. They may have issues with jealousy and may become vengeful if jilted. They have definite tastes in romantic partners and are considered intense by others.

Scorpio Mars

These people have excellent self-reliance and discipline and are determined and courageous. They are charming but stubborn and this placement suggests a determination to succeed. They likely have great sexual energy and are relentless in pursuing the object of their affection. They find a way through any obstacles and are cunning and powerful. They can hold grudges or sometimes be revenge seeking.

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Scorpio Jupiter

These people have good endurance and are likely shrewd when it comes to finances and relationships. They are lucky in sexual relations and may have lots of passion and a desire to live life to the fullest. They are very observant and not much escapes their notice. This placement indicates a hardworking, busy personality who should be careful to avoid burn out.

Scorpio Saturn

This placement suggests a good understanding of others motives. It makes these people serious, capable and resourceful. They may have a lot of ambition and drive to succeed and have excellent staying power and determination. They are resourceful and may have strong convictions. It’s likely they are a private person with suppressed emotions possible. They may be prone to jealousy and there is a possibility other people may see your personality as cold.

As Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are generational rather than individual influences they will not be interpreted at this time.

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