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Updated: May 12

Sagittarius Sun

These people may be tactless, disorganized and impractical but are also flirty, charming and hardworking. They are optimistic and this placement indicates they may avoid commitment for as long as possible. They may not be very practical with money and may win and lose money at an alarming rate. They should be careful with credit as when it comes to money, this placement suggests easy come, easy go. They tend to look for instant gratification and are happy go lucky but may be prone to taking too many risks. They are passionate and versatile and have no issues expressing feelings. They may develop romantic relationships quickly and have a tendency to cheat (please note this is only an issue if there are other astrological indicators that point this way).

Sagittarius Moon

These people are likely to be enthusiastic and optimistic but with a tendency to ignore problems in relationships. They may be restless and outgoing and this placement suggests a need for freedom. They may find it difficult to stay in one relationship and may avoid emotional ties. This placement suggests they can be the life of the party and are well intentioned and popular. They may be considered self-righteous and a commitment phoebe by others as they need so much freedom. They enjoy a good time and are adventurous with your emotions.

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Sagittarius Mercury

These people have a humorous way of expressing themselves and love telling stories or jokes. They are likely to be frank and open-minded but need to be careful not to be too outspoken or tactless. They sometimes may speak before they think and foot in mouth disease is common with this placement. They may be entertaining and truth telling, optimistic and principled but not be so good with details or fine print.

Sagittarius Venus

These people are social, outgoing and friendly. They may be impractical when it comes to matters of the heart and it’s likely they need more freedom than most in a relationship. People with this placement tend to marry later in life but are demonstrative, flirty and fun loving. They are direct and experience orientated and may at times shock others just for the fun of it. They usually have lots of friends that may last longer than their relationships.

Sagittarius Mars

These people have an excess of sexual energy but are likely to be restless and need constant variety and stimulation. They are bold, honest and open but may have scattered energy. It’s likely they have strong convictions and are idealistic. They desire adventure and can be a risk taker. They may be considered lucky, versatile and easy-going by others. This placement suggests they are a starter rather than a finisher.

Sagittarius Jupiter

This is considered a lucky placement and indicates tolerance, excitement and adventure. This is a great placement for overseas travels and higher education. These people have a great mind and can be a good student when they apply themselves. They have a good sense of humor and are popular and witty. They should take care to limit any gambling and risk taking.

Saturn Sagittarius

This is a good placement for anything involving teaching or leadership. It suggests a person who seeks adventure and new horizons and who is honest and ethical with good concentration. These people have the ability to turn dreams into reality but may need to learn patience and perseverance.

As Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are considered generational influences they will not be interpreted at this point.

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