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Everything You Need To Know About Libra

Libra Sun

These people have the ability to charm their way in and out of any situation and are flirty and easy to be around. They have an even temper and make an honest critic. People likely see them as smart, graceful and fair but they can be self-indulgent at times. Work may not be their primary focus. They can be fickle but sympathetic and are romance orientated. They can be easily influenced by others but have excellent people skills and can manage other people well. Although their career is subject to fluctuations they have a good ability to earn money although may spend more than they earn. They need to feel loved but can be insecure.

Libra Moon

This person may appear superficial or shallow to others but they make a great host and have charm, tact and fairness. They need a supportive relationship as they are close, loving and affectionate. They have excellent interpersonal skills and may avoid conflict so they don’t lose their temper. They have a strong need for others approval and are romantic and possibly artistic or creative. They are calm and diplomatic and know how to maintain appearances. Sometimes this placement suggests a fear of being alone. They express emotions with charm but this can hide a cool interior. They may be a peacemaker but have a tendency to procrastinate. They are likely laid back and know how to bring out the best in people.

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Libra Mercury

This placement can cause quarrels but also adds understanding and empathy to their personality. These people are polite and charming and a quick learner who may have been shy in their earlier years. They are capable of rational thought and have a balanced viewpoint,. They might love a good debate and are discrete and tolerant. They may be uncertain about decisions but will consider all sides of any arguments. They tend to avoid confrontation but may have brief temper flare ups when pushed too far.

Libra Venus

These people have a tendency to fall in love with love and mistake infatuation for the real deal. Finding a partner is likely to be high on their priority list and they are loving and romantic with a good understanding of others. They are friendly and charming and may be a bit of a flirt who can, at times be insecure. They dislike controversy and a good lifestyle is important to them.

Libra Mars

People with this placement can be prone to love at first sight but they may also have frequent heart break. They need an equal relationship and may have an aversion to being alone. They may be prone to headaches and may run out of energy quickly. They will want to avoid conflict but can be verbally aggressive if things don’t go their way. They have a strong sense of justice and can appear indecisive to others.

Libra Jupiter

These people are likely to be friendly with a natural empathy towards others. They may have a desire to please the people around them and have charm and be skilled at cooperation. They may have a tendency to procrastinate and are likely to have conventional morals. They are a strong believer in fairness and are lucky in love and relationships. They are likeable and enthusiastic but need balance.

Libra Saturn

This placement suggests the person is responsible and fair and has the ability to work well with others. It is an excellent placement for success with the public and suggests they are loyal and devoted to duty. They have tact and kindness and make a good mediator and debater. At times they may be impatient and intolerant. They are not swayed by emotional reactions. They benefit from romantic partnerships later in life. This placement sometimes indicates an attraction to someone older. It’s a favorable position that suggests they are willing to negotiate and practical. They may think they prefer sparks and fireworks in relationships but happiness comes from the practical choice.

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As Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are considered generational rather than individual influences they will not be interpreted here.

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