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Everything You Need To Know About Leo

Updated: Apr 1

Leo Sun

This placement makes the person warm and generous and an excellent socializer. They may be high maintenance in relationships but are passionate and adoring although prone to jealousy. They are likely to be resourceful and enterprising and have a self-confident exterior. They are good fun to be with but can be intolerant or self-righteous at times. They may be easily flattered but are creative and entertaining. These people are usually popular and outgoing and have good leadership potential but may be fiery or prone to sulking. Once they commit they want it to last for life. They are not one to follow the crowd.

Leo Moon

These people don’t have an issue with expressing emotions and are likely to be proud and generous with many displays of affection towards loved ones. They may react loudly to stressful situations and need attention from any romantic partners. They are loyal and devoted but can be a know it all at times. They may be self centered but are also warm hearted and easy going. They make a natural lover who likes to laugh and covers any self-doubt with a loud manner. They can be bossy with a tendency to take charge and may be a show off who can be over the top at times.

Leo Mercury

This placement adds inner strength to the personality and a reluctance to change opinions once they have made up their mind about a person or situation. They have the ability to take charge and a tendency towards exaggeration. They may be ambitious and confident in speech. They see the big picture and have a talent for motivating others. They may think they have all the answers and they don’t like to worry about the details. They may be slow to anger but when they lose their temper - watch out.

Leo Venus

These people tend to love with all their heart but can be a bit possessive in relationships. They are warm, outgoing and affectionate but may need to be the center of attention. They find the social scene exciting and know how to entertain others. They have a dramatic flair in romance and are passionate, flamboyant and loyal. Love is essential to their overall happiness. They need to be wary of racking up too much debt as they may spend money freely and enjoy an extravagant lifestyle.

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Leo Mars

These people have a positive attitude to life and excellent leadership potential. They are good for following things through to the end and this is a great placement for anyone wanting to turn ideas into action. They have confidence and motivation but can be angry or arrogant at times. They likely have higher than average sexual energy.

Leo Jupiter

This person may be demanding with an inflated ego but are also generous and loving with the ability to motivate others. They have a warm and compassionate personality and are confident and cheerful. They make a great parent as children delight them. They tend to be lucky in love but have a flair for drama and a love of the spotlight.

Leo Saturn

This placement suggests a need for attention and leadership positions. It indicates good endurance and suggests a loyal but bossy personality. They may be cautious of risk taking and underestimate their own skills and abilities or have problems expressing themselves.

Due to Uranus, Pluto and Neptune being generational rather than individual influences they will not be interpreted at this point.

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